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Zander Fishing At Bury Hill

Today me and a few mates decided to go to bury hill to complete a dream we’d had for years. Bury Hill is an awesome venue with a stunning lake and big toothy angry predators! We decided to go early morning to increase the amount of hours with baits in the water even tho the zander are a night fish and thats when they come alive, when driving hours to the mark you may as well make the most of it.

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I missed an absolute thumper of a take in the daylight but forgot to free spool my rod so as soon s the zd felt the resistance it dropped the bait! The rigs were single barbless size 6 hooks with half a roach and a running 1oz weight. NO BOBBINS put the reels on free spool and wait for line to start being ripped out. I put oil in which i think is very important and a few freebys to draw them in and have added scent.

IMG 9666

As the day got older and the light dropped the bite went mental first seeing the line run off the spool i gave it a few seconds then lifted the rod, you cant set the hook with circle hooks as you’ll rip them right out, just lift the rod and reel her in!

My mate had 2 in 20 mins with me only getting one but im happy with this as its a hard venue and my first time going there with barely any advice or help.

left at 21:00 and it was a good day. Enjoy.

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