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Winter Washout

So, after not fishing for carp for over a month myself and Jack finally got a session out this weekend to Tylers Common Fishery to get a bend in the rod before Christmas. 

The weather leading up to Sunday was Cold, Wet and did I mention Cold? Thankfully for us the weather was set to warm up for Sunday so it wasn’t looking too bad. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that well as it rained all day and we got completely bogged down in our already pretty boggy swims, luckily, we invested in some decent wellies since we last went to White Lakes and nearly got frostbite in our feet! 

With it being colder I set out to have a rod out on maggots, maggots can be a seriously killer carp tactic if used correctly, I decided to try a different method of using maggots this time. I had a cork ball screwed into a bait screw on a Ronnie Rig, with the cork ball in place I then superglued maggots onto the cork ball, this makes the rig sit like a pop-up rig and gives the maggots maximum moveability as their brains aren’t pushed out with the hook point going in. 

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This was the first attempt at doing this, trust me the presentation got better throughout the day!

After sorting that rig, I decided to use a method feeder on 1 of my other rods as this worked well on this lake last time. On the other rod I used a standard hair rig but used Baylys Baits ‘Secret Sauce’ boilie as we have been checking them out lately over at Essex Anglers and giving them a good testing. 

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Jack was using similar tactics but replacing the Maggot rig with another standard hair rig but equipped with Spotted Fin Smokey Jack boilie as we have had a lot of success on it over the last year. 

The day started off pretty quiet but there were a few bleeps from around the lake so not all hope was diminished, after around 2 hours of ‘Proper man football talk’ Jacks receiver had lit up in the corner of his eye, Jack was using some new bite alarms he had recently got, whilst looking at his new fancy receiver telling him that 4mm of line had been taken, then with the number going higher and higher, he realised he actually had a take but his bite alarms weren’t turned up properly, DOH! 

Running through the swamp from our base camp was a challenge but upon getting to his rods finally Jack was in! YESS!! Whilst playing the fish, Jack could tell it was a decent fish as it hugged the bottom of the lake the whole time, but then the dreaded words left Jacks mouth ‘Its Off’, gutting! Our first sign of the day, first take and now first fish lost. Not to be completely down heartened as it was still early in our session, Jack put fresh bait on and cast to the same spot, around half a rod length off of the island in the middle of the lake. 

With no indications from my own rods, I plugged away retrieving the method feeder every 20 minutes or so to rebait and recast to the chosen spot. An hour or so after Jacks first take he was in again, this time whilst watching the previous night’s UFC (Yes, I know we are so manly it’s unreal.) Sadly, once again thou it was off, 2 takes and 2 lost fish, not great at all. Both takes coming on the Baylys Baits ‘Secret Sauce’ so we will defiantly be using these baits again on our next trip, hopefully this time we could land some fish! 

Unfortunately, with the rain making us soaked through and the gear wet, with the cold wind blowing through and the lake seemingly going very quiet over the last few hours we decided to call it a day and have a slow pack up.  

This is where the day goes from bad to just dreadful for myself, whilst packing up the rod pod and bite alarms, I made the amateur mistake of undoing the bite alarms next to the banks edge, as you can imagine with the rain hammering in all day, they weren’t the driest of items, as you can expect a slip out of the hand happened and PLOP! One of my bite alarms flies straight into the lake, after 15 minutes of trying to retrieve it with the net I came to the rather crappy conclusion that it was gone, bite alarms are now on the Christmas list 😊 

That’s it for this week’s blog, unfortunately another blog without a fish and possibly my last spot of fishing before Christmas, with lots of stuff to do over the next couple weeks my fishing the river may get pushed back into the new year! Hopefully I can move a few things about and get some time out on the bank but who knows! My fingers and toes are all crossed! 

As always, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets, 



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