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Why not listen to a Podcast

So you have got bored on the bank waiting for the fish to attack your bait or you have a Journey to the chosen fishing spot. About putting on a podcast to while away the time. here are some top podcast to listen to.

Please Note that the link are for apple podcasts

Essex Anglers Fishing Podcast

Podcast by the bloggers of Essex Anglers, talking about a range of Fishing topics, from River Fishing , to Match to Sea fishing with the odd special Guest!

Essex Anglers Fishing Podcast

2 Episodes

Strange Boat the fishing podcast with Keith Arthur

Fishing guru, Keith Arthur reels in expert guests to talk about everything and anything to do with every kind of fishing. Stick your earphones in, cast your line and enjoy the craic.

Strange Boat – The Fishing Podcast

11 Episodes

Tales from the tackle shop

Weekly fishing podcast about the Fenland angling scene. Broadcast from Tackle and Bates tackle shop, Rookery Waters, Pidley.

Tales from the Tackle Shop, fishing podcast.

49 Episodes

The Spodcast; A Carp angling Podcast

A carp angling podcast, bringing you interviews from special guests. Tackle and product reviews. All the latest news from the Carp Angling World.

The Spodcast: A Carp Angling Podcast

96 Episodes

The official Nash tackle podcast

Hassan Khan takes the reigns for the new and improved Off the Hook Podcast! Each week Hassan sits down with a new guest as they delve into their life and angling experiences.

The Official Nash Tackle Podcast

37 Episodes

The Carp Cast

Carp fishing finally has a podcast hosted by Jamie Clossick and Mark Watson. Each episode contains news, features, opinions, carp banter and special guests.

The Carp Cast

10 Episodes


Lured is a podcast made by Fin and Tide for the modern-day Lure Angler.

Follow us on our podcast journey across a series of episodes where we discuss all forms of lure fishing, as well as speaking to a number of like-minded anglers.


9 Episodes

Korda The Thinking Tackle podcast

Simon Pitt presents The Thinking Tackle Podcast. The original Thinking Tackle was one of Korda’s most successful and popular projects ever, and now you can listen to it on the go. We will be speaking to a variety of popular guests, discussing advice and tips and sharing our most entertaining fishing stories and adventures

Korda – The Thinking Tackle Podcast

36 Episodes

The carp angler chronicles

Carp fishing chats with real anglers

The Carp Angler Chronicles Podcast

25 Episodes

The American carper

The American Carp Society is the USA’s foremost resource for Carp Angler’s. Whether you are a Fly Fisherman, Euro style or Traditional US Carp Angler it is the home for those that are passionate about this incredible sport fish. The American Carper is our bi-weekly podcast hosted by Sean Manning, Co-Founder of The American Carp Society. Each month we will look at the changing culture of US Anglers and conduct in-depth in interviews with some of the very best Fishermen in the USA, discussing a range of topics and hosting monthly competitions for our listeners


16 Episodes

Carp fishing podcast

Mark Bryant (Baitworks) and Mike Holly A carp fishing podcast, recorded by two passionate anglers

Carp fishing podcast

30 Episodes

Fishing lines

Fishing lines is a Bi-Weekly Podcast aimed at all of the fishing community. Every week we have a guest on from a different discipline of angling. Every week the show’s host Neil Cobley asks the guests to share the stories that makes fishing special to them. With Tackle updates and venue reports squeezed in, the show aims to appeal to novices and experienced anglers alike

Fishing lines Podcast

8 Episodes

The DNA podcast

A carp-fishing podcast series hosted by Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris, covering all the latest goings-on from the world of DNA Baits and featuring a big-name interview each month.

The DNA Podcast

20 Episodes

Mostly Carp fishing podcast

A Podcast all about Carp Fishing. Well; mostly about Carp Fishing. Having first cast out a line over 20 years ago, my main target now is Carp. Join me on the journey…..

Mostly Carp Fishing

12 Episodes

The predator podcast  

This show is dedicated to predator fishing in the Uk and the people who do it.

The Predator Podcast

17 Episodes

The Match Cast

The match cast brings you the biggest names in match fishing, the latest news and biggest stories. Hosted by Jake Fowles and Richard Chapman

The Match Cast

14 Episodes

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Just decided to have a listen to you guys while at work, brilliant enthusiasm for angling, and a refreshing change to hear from what I’d called normal anglers. Keep it up lads!

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