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Whites Lakes – Its not all about the fishing

The title above is the slogan for Whites Lakes, which is the club complex we have been guesting on this year and myself and Jack will be members of next year (insert giggly girly screams here).

Now unfortunately for us the title couldn’t be anymore fitting then it is today, after a 50 hour session unfortunately we blanked, I lost 2 fish in the process which makes it an even harder pill to swallow.

So this is going to be a very short blog but I’m just going to touch on 2 things I think everyone should take into their fishing as sometimes they are over-looked.

Weather – Now this may seem like an obvious one but Weather has so many variables which could contribute to a good or bad session, the air pressure, wind, rain, sun, so many different things can be overwhelming but will defiantly help with your catch rate.

Me and Jack tried to implement this as much as possible during this trip, after the first 24 hours we decided to move due to the wind blowing into the other end of the lake, with the fish also showing alot down that end, this seemed to show that the fish seem to follow the wind in this lake and so with that information we will implement that next time into our swim choice.

Another huge factor for me in the weather is the cloud cover and rain, my best sessions have always seemed to be with a very cloudy day and lots of rain pumping into the water, whilst alot of people will avoid fishing due to the bad conditions I feel these are some of if not the best conditions to get yourself out in.

The next thing I try to implement as much as possible is local knowledge, you can easily overlook this as you may not want to talk to people etc but sometimes itis vital, even the slightest bit of information can be a benefit.

Mike the owner of Whites Lakes is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to his own fish and he takes huge pride in them and who fishes for them, this can be a huge advantage when fishing someone’s lake, with Mike being the gentlemen he is, he has gave us little snippets of advice which has helped us in the past, however he gives one bit of advice regularly that we seemingly overlooked this session. There is a regular who fishes the lakes called Bob and Mike always gives the advice ‘Be like Bob’ we really should of taken this in consideration as Bob left and went home an hour after we started our session! Moral of the story, take advice and be like Bob.

Unfrotuantly that brings an end to this week’s blog and possibly an end of our trips to White Lakes this year, but with membership under the belt (Insert another girly giggly scream here) for next year you will hear about plenty more of our antics here and with Mike too!

As always,

Tight lines & Wet Nets.



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Hi guys,
Your correct about Mike (The Legend) he does rarely offer valuable ‘snippets’ of information & when he does I would recommend you take note.
As you mentioned The Legend knows more about those lakes than anybody.
You will have a great time there, the syndicate members are a great bunch of guys.
I look forward to meeting up with you both next year.


Enjoyable read, going to check out your previous blogs.. I’ve also shared on our Facebook group Carp Crew Screamers.. Tight lines and wet nets from all of us at the Carp Crew Screamers..

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