Bailey Payne

When the Plan doesn’t come together

Well, it was a tough Saturday for me, and definetly one to forget. But River Fishing is like that, sometimes it just doesn’t happen, and you have to take the lows with the highs, a lot of the time it’s just about being out in nature which makes it a nice escape.

I went out to the River Chelmer, Hoe Mill, with my typical River setup, Advanta 5.5ft ambush River Rod and some new baits from Bio Baits, I got a mix, garlic and cheese, amino krill and lamino 1 flavours. In different size and shaped boilles.

I started Fishing in the Mill pond and thought I would work my way downstream until the River joined back to the Canal. Noticed a few Fish topping straight away, was good to see and filled me with a bit of confidence! I decided to cast towards an overhanging bush/lily’s which were on my right hand side. Thought it would be a good place for some Chub to hang out. A few little knocks and nothing really happened, so I started eyeing up the overhanging tree on my left side. I had through some chopped up and crushed boilles there earlier so was hoping it had attracted some Fish. It didn’t take long before my hook bait started to get some attention, I was on the Garlic and Cheese boille. The tip swung round quickly and I was hooked into something, quite big and quite angry, it made a dash to get in the tree and bushes, after thinking I managed to get it out, I soon realised I was snagged. Beaten!

I decided after the failure of the mill pool to walk downstream and hopefully put it behind me. After a few new swims and not much else, it seemed the day had ran away. Although I did get snagged again and left myself a very fun tangle to undo!

It was one of those days, we all have them, it just went wrong. And when that happens, it’s just best to go home and forget about it all. Well, hopefully the next session with prove better!

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