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So finally, a JT Carpers blog! I know, I know your overwhelmed with excitement and so you should be because that means we actually have some content worth sharing! Yippee! 

To say it’s been a dry year so far for myself and Jack would be an understatement, obviously once again 2021 started how 2020 ended and that’s with a miserable lockdown, this did hinder our opportunities to go fishing so we were always going to struggle till it had been somewhat lifted. Once the all clear had been given by big Bozza we decided to book our first session on White lakes as fully pledged members. 

Unfortunately, as it was no night fishing allowed this was a normal day session over on the Top Lake/Carp Lake, with the weather still being cold we weren’t hopeful and we were right in thinking that as we had no luck on that session, regardless it was still awesome to get out on the bank and back to a site we loved spending time at. 

So, then we decided to get onto the club lake for a longer session, with night fishing now being permitted we got permission from our wonderful, ever loving, beautiful partners to do a 48-hour session 😇. The lake had been fishing fairly well with a member fishing opposite us catching 8 carp prior to our arrival, before getting the rods out we decided to go and pay the member a visit and have a little chat, being new members, we are always looking for any advice and tips from other members. I must admit every single member we have come across has always been very pleasant and always willing to talk, this shows what an awesome fishery Mike runs and a great judge of character he is. 

On our walk over to Ian, he hooked himself into another Carp and what would turn out to be a stunning 32lb mirror, I had the pleasure of taking some snaps for him, with a congratulations and small chin wag later we decided to go back to our pegs and set up. So, without dragging the whole session out for yourselves to read it sadly ended in a blank for us and as Mike would so politely put it, we caught a big round number of fish between us, 0. 

Now, with that session ending we was ever so eager to get back and give it another go with the new knowledge we had learnt from the members we met over the 2 days, but with no fish under our belts yet in 2021 we really wanted to get amongst them so decided to do a 24-hour session over on the Guest Lake with my dad and cousin. 

I am so happy to announce, WE HAD SOME FISH!! After around 20 minutes of paying Mike and him comically waving the cash at the lake telling them it’s okay to come out now that we had paid, I was into my first fish of the session, a short scrap later I was gifted with this 10lb common, not the biggest by any means but when you have been on a bit of a baron run, the first fish is always welcome. 

IMG 2847

The next fish to pay us a visit wasn’t until the evening time around 10:30 when Jack was met with a screaming run and a beautiful 20lb mirror carp, his first carp of the year and to be met with a cracking 20lb mirror what a way to start. 

IMG 2867

Jack then had another carp at around 2:30 in the morning, it was only a small common but coming off of the same spot as the first fish it seemed to show whatever Jack was doing was working. 

IMG 2882

This showed to be true with yet another fish off of the same spot at around 7:30 in the morning, once again another awesome 20lb mirror, cracking average size of fish for Jack on this trip and the perfect way to get the ball rolling for his fishing for the year. 

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So, we were packing up a bit earlier than usual due to it being the Bank holiday Monday and the weather meant to be taking a turn for the worse come 4pm, then within the space of an hour myself and Jack both had another fish, fantastic! The trip had turnt into a success! Another 2 smaller commons but pristine and perfect. Unfortunately, my dad and cousin never had a fish between them but that didn’t dampen their thoughts of the lakes and they can’t wait to get back over on the guest lake with us as soon as possible. 

IMG 2932
IMG 2942

With the session coming to an end, 4 fish for Jack and 2 for myself (well 3, I did have a Bream during the night Aswell but didn’t want to bother anyone for pictures) the session was a success and just what we needed before our return to the Carp Lake at the end of the month! 

Once again thank you for reading our blog, I know it’s been a long time coming but good things come to those that wait 😁. 

As always,    

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,    

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