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Well Worth The Wait

I wont lie I study the weather forecasts a lot prior to picking my weekly fishing sessions, yep I am a fair weather angler as far as possible and hate fishing under an umbrella always have and probably will 🙂 So I was fortunate my regular Friday trip to Redbridge lakes was a spot on weather day, good air pressure light westerly wind and I fancied a spot I rarely fished on far side of the lake. I am guilty of fishing favourite swims constantly and not being so adventurous trying new spots, crazy I know but I guess I’m not alone in this.

Walking around to far side watching the water and hearing a big surface crash I stopped and saw a Carp moving on far side by the rushes, Carp, Commons and Mirrors are a rare catch in Redbridge and the stock in there was rescued from a nearby pond that had al but dried out several years ago. In 4 years of fishing there not even came close to hooking one or seen one landed myself, so it was down tackle in the swim where I saw fish moving as Del Boy says he who dares etc 🙂


I set up my 10ft feeder rod with a large Preston method feeder, size 10 hook with quick stop bait fitting. I started using PB products mono about a year ago on my method set up I use the 11lb breaking strain as it gives you that little bit extra should you hook a big-un but the diameter is the same as regular 8lb mono and is great line lay and real smooth casting. I had prepared my soaked 2mm micros for the method feeder the night before, this so so simple to do and saves time when your on the bank being ready to go from the off, I have been doing this also with my regular groundbait also preparing night before saves a lot of faffing about.


My favourite method hook baits are 2 grains of corn or a mainline 10mm bread boilie, apart from carp, everything else of decent size will eat either of those ( yet to get a perch on those ) . My personal preference is to fish a bait that includes as many species as possible, for sometime I have been using a touch of Goo with my method fishing and yes at twelve quid a bottle its not cheap but lasts ages and definitely gives an edge I found.

IMG 2333

Casting towards the far rushes a few feet off them clipped up the reel in the spot where I saw movement, I did 5 casts of loaded feeder to get a bit of feed over the desired area, first cast with baited boilie had a nice skimmer followed by some chunky Gibel Carp, Goldfish and Ide.

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Then wham the tip went full monty and I was into a big fish after a 10 minute fight that required a bit of moving between 2 swims, it was in the net a cracking Common Carp just over 16lb, I was over the moon with this and it was in pristine condition, I doubt ever been caught before.

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So I thought well mission accomplished, I carried on fishing same spot with more skimmers and Ide this time coming to double corn, then lightning struck twice with another fin perfect common at 9lb, the fishing gods were definitely on my side that day.

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