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Weird Fishing Facts

The sport/hobby/passion that we all share and love, is full of different weird and wonderful bits of information! Some of them may surprise you, however it’s no doubt that with so many different types of Fishing to take up in the country it leaves a few weird facts to find!

  • It’s estimated there is 2.9 million anglers in the UK! With almost 2 and a quarter anglers opting to coarse Fish, 834,000 game fishermen and just over a 1 million sea anglers. From this data you can see there is a number of multi discipline anglers!
s300 EA Rod Licence 2 rod
  • With all those Anglers, the EA make a hefty amount of money from Rod licences! The EA have their own fish farm at Calverton, which produced 12.3 tonnes of Fish in 2019 which have been stocked in Rivers and Lakes across the Country! They also built over 100 “Fish Passes” helping fish move up rivers more freely!
AT Trafalgar Fisheries 768x1024 1
  • Only one freshwater fish in the UK can swim backwards, any ideas?
    The Eel! What a weird and wonderful Fish!
  • How about a sea fishing fact? Porbeagle, Thresher, Shortfin Mako and Blue Sharks can all be found in UK waters! Slightly scary!
  • Like seaweeed? Well, selling this in the UK without a licence is illegal.
IMG 1145
  • In the UK we have 38 species of native freshwater fish, and at least 12 introduced species! From Minnows and Sticklebacks to Pike and Carp!
  • In the UK we have over 1500 discrete river systems with over 200,000km of watercourses! That’s a lot of River to walk!
IMG 20210227 094444
  • There are between 2,000 and 2,500 fishing tackle shops in the UK!
  • The humble stickleback is the most common freshwater fish in the UK, however rarely targetted by Anglers!

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different read, I enjoyed putting it together, some very weird and interesting facts!

Tight Lines all!

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