Using Bread as a Fish Finder

Bread is such a cheap bait to have on your side tray or even have a couple of slices in your bag it always gets me a few extra fish on these winter days where the fish are not moving around much and you need to search around your swim to find them. Back to the club lake as it is always a challenge to get some fish on the bank and I love experimenting to get the most from the day, my chosen swim with peg 2 front lake lovely swim with depths of 7ft-12ft and this day I had a mild wind blowing into me which I didn’t mind as from past trips to this venue the fish follow the wind so I was very confident I was going to get a few bites.

My plan for this day was to use the bread as a fish finder to catch a fish then hopefully make mental note of where I caught the fish with the distance and the time it took to get a bite from my stopwatch awesome piece of kit to have with you. Started 16m straight in front of me with 3 8mm discs of bread on a 15″inch hook length not a indication so fished same range but swapped left and right of me once again not a sign I didn’t panic as 1-30 in I had no fish or indications so moved out to 20m and I had a small fish pluck the bread reeled in bait gone so that got me thinking so next Chuck I slightly fished it to the right and at 8minutes I had a decent bream which was great to get off the mark this led me to fish exactly same spot and I nicked another bream at 6minutes another positive bite , as I found a few fish I swapped to a mini hybrid feeder with cell micros and pink wafter on the hook as I wanted to build up an area for the fish to have a bit feed if and this decision payed of I managed to land 4 more decent bream in a hour then it died off so I knew I had to get the bread back out, Moved to 24m 1st cast I had a decent tench so a different species which was mega to get and unfortunately that was my last bite for 2hrs with continues casting and searching with the bread bomb I don’t mind casting a lot with bread as you’re using it to mug a fish , then the wind got a bit stronger and a bit chilly as the day was coming to a end but I was still confident I was going to get a surprise as this lake can throw it up at any time which is always exciting.

Decided to come back to original spot at 16m to try as the wind was getting worse and worse , 3discs of bread and at 10mins on the stop watch I had a little pull and drop back so I lifted into it and the rod was hooked up to an absolute beast I knew this was going to be a big fish , slowly taking my time to land this took some time as deep water and roots very close and the fish knew where to try get me into but with me putting slight pressure without pulling too hard it was a struggle with the wind too the fish slowly came up and one big gulp of air the fish was in my net with some shuffling but the fish was in absolutely made up with this result, estimated around 18-20lb on a size 18QM1 was a brilliant way to end the session.

Thank you for reading my blog hope you all enjoy this one I certainly did making it 🙂 , Tigtht Lines x

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