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Urban River Fishing

Well, today with my isolation over, a session Fishing was needed no matter how long the session, even with this brief 2 hour session on the River. I headed back to where I caught that warrior 2lb Roach before I had to self isolate and this time went to use the Pole, in hope I could get the shoal of Roach going again.

I setup with a top kit, short 3 and then 3 further sections with a butt on the end. Float wise today I opted for a yellow tip 1.25g rugby ball float with a wire stem, for some extra stability in the water, since I was fishing about 9ft deep, looking back, I think this affected my presentation, the River had a very strong flow on it today and it made it hard to keep it steady.

I started by feeding blitzed bread, maggot and dead maggot, feeding a bit upstream so that the flow would hopefully let the bait settle on the bottom where I was fishing. For hook bait I swapped between maggot and bread punch, but opted for to start on maggot.

It didn’t take too long before I got a bite and was into a decent Roach of a few oz, from rotating my hook baits, I eventually found bread punch led to quicker bites, however was missing a lot of them, so imagined I didn’t quite have the quality of Fish I had in front of me last time. Instead had a shoal of smaller Roach more pecking at my bite. I do think my presentation maybe affected my chances of a bigger Fish too sadly.

As the day went on I had a slow steady flow of a few Roach, and with short sessions, It isn’t long before it’s time to go. Wish I could’ve stayed longer but sometimes it’s just the way it goes. But was great to get out and on a few Fish.

Not a bad bag of Roach for 2 hours Fishing on a River, maybe about 2lb (I’m not great at judging weight though!). Just goes to show those big Roach aren’t always there. However I am slowly fine tuning my method on catching them, hopefully I can do this more consistently soon as they are a joy to catch!

Tight Lines all!

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I really enjoy reading you blogs. I mainly fish the Pant and the Stour so it’s nice to read how other local river anglers are getting on. Especially as I fish alone and rarely get to see or speak to another angler.

Nice one Bailey – always good to see a bag of Roach large or small. I did a recce this week on the Can at Admirals Park . Nice Condition – a little clear to be ideal but decent. I earmarked half a dozen spots to come back to with the gear. Hopefully I’ll get up there one day this week and will report.
Fished my club lake yesterday – hard as nails and scrapped for the best part of 4 hours for a couple of small Roach. Missed a lot of bites on pinkies at 8 m but very very finicky – was a cold one though.
Tight lines

Yes been a BDAC member for close on 30 years although been fishing the upper Stour of late and yet find any big roach this year. Lots of pike though unfortunately! I’m waiting for the river levels to rise and colour up before I go back on the Pant

I walked both up and down from the sluice . Clocked some nice spots on the narrower upstream and a few downstream where it deepens just before you go over the bridge. I’ll get up there soon.

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