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Ultralight Dropshot fishing for Perch – River Chelmer

This session was a full on busy Perch session down the river chelmer, so far our luck had been great and we have really had some great sessions. With Rose catching loads of fish as well!

Our setup is simple, a normal drop-shot rig, with a 5g weight, we use mainly worms, however sometimes can be brave enough to stick a lure on!

The session started quickly, with Rose getting a few quick wasps! Which kept her quite entertained.

rose perch 1
Perch silhouette

Frustrating that in the short time Rose has been fishing, she is already out fishing me now!

However, it wasn’t long before I managed to get a few when we got down to the next bridge, and a much better stamp of fish.

  • bailey perch 1
  • bailey perch 2
  • bailey perch 3

Of course though, Rose still managed a few lovely chunky little Perch here too!

  • rose perch 2
  • rose perch 3

We headed back to the first bridge and managed a few more nice Perch, and at the bridge further up.

bailey perch 4

Overall, a good morning session, and it’s always nice when you run out of worms!

Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did would love if you watch the video on this session below! And of course subscribe to our channel to see the video first!

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