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Tylers Common – Wagtail Review

Last week, myself and Jack, accompanied by my dad, brother-in-law and cousin made a visit to Tylers Common Fishery, I had fished this fishery on numerous times but not properly for over 5 years I’d say, other than a short session recently for a few hours with my children to try and entice them into the sport, we fished on Ash lake as it has smaller fish and is fairly easy to catch on, granted they was more interested in playing with the maggots but they did enjoy themselves! 

So, having fished it previously I had some understanding of the complex and that it consisted of 3 match lakes and 1 specimen carp lake, we had decided to target the specimen lake for the day, I set the day off aiming for carp on two of my rods and had a little setup for perch with my other rod (As I had seen a picture of a lovely perch on their Facebook page). 

Arriving at the lake at 6:35am expecting the gates to open at 7am we was pleasantly surprised to see that the opening times on the website were incorrect and the lake was currently operating to a 6:30am-6:00pm opening times, this did make it somewhat challenging as it is still pitch black that early in the morning and the carpark is on top of a big hill that leads down to the lake, having a barrow loaded up with 3 people’s gear for the day did make for an interesting beeline for the lake, luckily for me It didn’t pick up too much speed and I managed to make it down the hill in one piece. 

Upon deciding on which swims to fish we set-up with the light levels slowly rising and showing us the beautiful lake in all its glory, I must say the complex is very clean and swims are nicely spaced apart and each has a nice bit of water to fish into, this being said if you are planning on going 2-3 days after any rainfall, then pack your wellies as it can get very boggy in the swims. 

We didn’t have to wait too long for our first bit of action as Jack had a screaming run on one of his rods, unfortunately the fish came off, however not long after Jacks lost fish my future Brother-in-law managed to land this small but lovely little common/ghost carp. 

Two more takes followed for Jack which see him land his first fish of the day and unfortunately loose one to some snags. A lovely little common to start the day off for Jack! 

The day continued with a fish for myself, again a small common carp but it was a very welcome fish as it was a blank saver! 

The action very much continued all throughout the day, especially for Jack as it wasn’t long in-between each indication on his rods, Jack has found a new love for the method feeder as of late and has really been trying to use it to his advantage, knowing the background of the lake and knowing a lot of match anglers use it, Jack decided to use the method feeder and this seemingly paid off for him as he continued to have indications and fish on the method all day long, fishing with a small Spotted Fin Classic Corn Wafter and using the Spotted Fin Classic Corn Method Ready Pellets the fish seemed to home in on it straight away, obviously seeing the success Jack was having I had to switch one of my rods over to the same method and try and get in on the action. 

Unfortunately, whilst I was getting some action on the Method rod my Perch rod was very quiet, only having this one Roach on it early in the day and nothing else all day long, however with a new method learnt and advice from Bailey in the days leading up to my trip (Appreciate it mate) I will be using this method in the future and hopefully landing a lovely stripped beauty to show you all! 

Anyway, with that out the way we continue with how the day ended up going, with the action pretty frequent all day the captures looked like this: Jack – 9, Brandon – 5, Myself – 4, My Dad-1 and unfortunately Stuart didn’t get a fish despite his best efforts all day long. 

So, a very nice day regardless and topped off by this lovely 17lb common for Brandon which is also a new PB for him so congratulations! 

This brings our day session to an end, I would just like to say that if you ever get the time, I would defiantly recommend giving Tylers Common a visit as it is a lovely lake with some lovely fish, very clean and tidy and also has a little cafe on site at the weekends for hot drinks etc so defiantly worth a trip! 

Here are the pictures of all the fish caught that day that haven’t already been posted, enjoy! 

As always, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets! 



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