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Trout Fishing In Town Centres!

So a while back I went fishing with a mate in a local town with a river that has prominent trout running through it. I was still pretty new to the ultralight fishing scene so was using a 4000 size sea fishing reel on a 1-7g UL rod don’t know what I was thinking! We had been going all day visiting different bits of the river with lots of trout showing we were struggling to hook up! The river, sorry chalk stream is a shallow 2ft stream with lots of weeds and unfortunately due to the places location lots of litter and shopping trolleys.

We had spent the morning getting lots and lots of bother from the residents who insisted we weren’t allowed to fish there despite us talking to the EA and therm giving us the all-clear. We were threatened with having the police called on us but it didn’t worry us because we knew we were in the right. By the end of the day, we must have had 10 encounters of people coming and giving us bother despite us being quiet and doing something we enjoyed.

At the first spot after what must have been 20 minutes of searching and casting I got a follow from two fish, I had already cast over this point a couple of times so I assumed they must only have been wanting the spoon because there was competition for food with the second trout showing up. We decided to move on because of all of the bother we were receiving.

After we moved closer to the town centre first cast my bud had a small brown trout after him telling me “fish, fish, fish” I didn’t really believe him but when I walked over there he actually did have a brown trout on the bank.

IMG 7038

If you’d like to see the mind blowing encounters we had with these people then watch it here!

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