Coarse Jack and Terry River

Trotting Along

Firstly Hooray I managed the hit the bank this week! Whilst it was only for a short couple of hours, time on the bank is always an exciting time. I didn’t manage to get out last Friday as I was hoping due to the life of being an adult (It really does suck at times doesn’t it.)

I did manage to get to my local stretch of river this Tuesday, with the bitterly cold weather slowly sneaking in, its become harder and harder to convince my wife to go fishing, but in all fairness to her she never says no and off we went!

Following on from my last session to the river and having a talk with the bailiff it was quite clear I had to move up the river more and we proceeded to go to the spot he recommended last time, it has been a few weeks thou so I was hoping we would still get amonst some fish.

As I stated before I am a complete novice when it comes to anything outside of Carp fishing so all and any advice is more than welcome. Once again my trusty fountain of knowledge came to aid me with a few tips, the trusty fountain of knowledge being in the shape of Bailey, he is far to modest to admit it but he really does help me out with anything I ask.

With Bailey’s advice in hand I set my couple hours out to have 1 rod with a basic carp setup as I am itching to get my very first carp out of the river, with the other rod setup up to ‘Trott’. Now admittedly I have never heard of this method before and always believed Trotting is the outcome of a very dodgy curry the night before.

With a list of items that Bailey recommended purchased during the week I was excited to try something new and hopefully get it right ready for the Essex Anglers Species Hunt.

Unfortunately for myself the couple of hours I spent didn’t suffice to anything and a blank was on the cards, however a new skill learnt is always a positive and as long as I get all my choirs done this week I get to go fishing next week! YAY!

With that session wrapped up sadly this is a very short blog this week. Fingers crossed next weeks blog can be that little bit more invigorating and a lot more fishy!

As always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,



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