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Trip to Lake District

Well, around July in 2019 me and my partner decided to go on holiday to the Lake District, the little town of Glenridding on Lake Ullswater. And going on holiday by a Lake, it’s rude not to put some Fishing gear in the Car! At this point, I didn’t have much gear, was only bring a tip rod with me, and hoped to get worm or maggot when I got up there, however, I couldn’t, so had to settle for luncheon meat from a small local shop, looking back not sure why I didn’t get any corn! So my method was some groundbait and meat, not the ideal mix, however it was more of a taking in the scenery holiday! So wasn’t too bothered whether I caught, of course, I wanted to though!

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There is definitely worse places to Fish! Sitting in the mountains with a beer, the peace was amazing! The lake acted like an ocean, it’s waves hitting the rocks. When your partner is happy to be Fishing to you know the scenery must be good! Although I think sitting on a rocky beach with a BBQ probably helped! (Luckily I wasn’t trying to catch dinner, had some nice burgers bought)

IMG 20190707 153859
Rose manning the Rod’s while I cooked!

It didn’t take long before I started getting a few indications and the first bite followed soon, a greedy little Perch! And this was the pattern for most of the time Fishing in the Lake District, little Perch! They had lovely colours on, and was a joy catching them.

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I know…I have a great taste in swimming trunks!

I was hoping to catch my first Trout on this trip, however never got one sadly, don’t think meat was the best choice, corn may have served be better, but was a shame I didn’t have maggot or worm as I would’ve caught a lot more, next time I’ll bring some, however since this trip I have a fly rod and a lure rod, so I should be able to catch a few more and get some wild trout from the lakes!

IMG 20190706 173739

On the last day of my trip, I did manage to get a proper pull round, and a Fish that provided a nice little Fight! I was so thinking this was it, my first Trout, however, when it surfaced, I saw a long green shape, and it was unmistakably an eel. Only a small one, but gave a good little Fight, and was a nice catch, although took a while to unhook him, but always nice to see the Fish dart back into the depths.

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I’m excited for the next time I go to the Lakes, new gear and have learnt a lot since then, I hope to be able to catch more Perch and Trout while there. Overall, was a lovely break and was great to top it off with a few Fish!

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