Tom Baird

  • The Beach was Calling
    Evening all. Now we are coming to the middle of lockdown, I thought it was about time to dust off the beach casters. Off I went down to the local beach. Now I am quite lucky I live in a coastal town and have this facility on my doorstep. The hightide was at 09:30 this […]
  • Dead Bait and Lure set up’s
    Evening all and I hope you are all well and safe. Thank god we can still fish and get out there to free our minds from the troubles we are all facing at the moment. I thought I would share my setups with you for Piking. So, come the 1st October my rods are ready, […]
  • A change of venue
    Its that time of week again when you hear what I have been up to. So, today was planned last week to fish the Chelmer. This was due to the uncertainty of lockdown two and if we were allowed fishing. I wanted to get a river session in before the worst-case scenario happened. I left […]
  • A weekend in wellies
    Hello there my fellow anglers and I hope you are all safe and well. So, this weekend saw me fishing both days. Which was amazing as I only have time for once a week usually. It started after work on Saturday I met up with fellow blogger Bailey. Bailey wanted to have a go at […]
  • Fishing Mind, Body & Soul
    I was asked a question the other day, which really made me think (I know a vein did pop out on the side of my head). I was asked, what does fishing mean to me? At first, I thought what a silly question, then you ponder on it and what does it mean. I believe […]
  • Tom & Bailey the Fish off
    Hello fellow anglers. It has come to that stage where me and fellow blogger Bailey decided to have a fish off. It had been brewing for a few weeks and a lot of banter had been dished out (mainly from Bailey) lol. We both agreed on a venue which was Newlands Hall near Chelmsford. We […]
  • The Young Angler
    So, its no secret that I fish a lot with my son Harry. I enjoy every moment of it, even the arguing about where to fish and what set up we are going to use. Now Harry is only 7 years old and he runs rings around me at fishing. He has a list on […]
  • Father-In-Law strikes again
    Today I went fishing with the Father-In-Law and what a session it was. I was on the river by 05:30 sharp and not a soul to be seen. It was lovely, I love that time in the morning. Just me, the river and the nature around you. I had lightly baited the area with ground […]
  • Fishing the Stour
    So, it was an early start today. Was fishing by 05:45 and made the rookie mistake of setting up my rod once I was at my swim. Still a bit dark at that time and took me a bit longer to thread the line through the eyes lol (getting old). I was in the Colchester […]
  • For the love of Tench
    So, I love Tench/Tinca’s, what a fish and what a fighter. There’s nothing like seeing the fizzing in the water and know that the green beauty is down there. I usually fish for them early morning or late afternoon. From 11am to 3pm I never have much luck. Now over the years I have caught […]