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Essex Tinca Time!

Finally, something I haven’t done for a while, a good bit of Tench fishing, I will probably spend the rest of my time until the Rivers open in around a month, hunting some Tench! I mean, they are an incredible species, no matter the size. I have joined BDAC for the season, they hold a number of waters and rivers around the county and thought I would have a little look around a few to see if it would be worth it for me, especially since I don’t know any day ticket Tench waters, their lake Parsonage Farm, really appealed.

Parsonage is an interesting venues, holding good numbers of Tench, averaging between 2-3lb. Nothing huge, but great sport from a lovely Fish. I headed there for the first time, with the cold weather still continuing, a cold wet start, and staying cold and wet while I was there, without a good place to put my brolly because of the wind, was safe to say I was quite wet and cold! Surely this couldn’t be Tench feeding weather, and clearly others thought this was the Lake was quite empty!

My tactic, sit under and hold the brolly down in the wind, and sit on a little hybrid feeder with Tincaberry groundbait rotating from corn and small Tincaberry boilles on the hair-rig. Using my trusty 8ft 1oz quiver, I was hoping to get a good bend in the rod, and my aim for this cold day was just to get off the mark on the Lake with one Tench! Surely achievable!

IMG 20210508 102946

The first chuck of the feeder just past the reed bed, resulted in a few knocks and taps, certainly building confidence, and I was expecting a quick start, however these soon died down after 15 mins or so. Recast and rebait! Making sure to keep a steady flow of groundbait hitting the same spot, I was hoping this could trigger the Tench to feed on my spot, or just encourage one!

Second cast caused for more excitment with the tip being teased round slowly, and a Fish was on! However, little fight came from this Fish, surely not a Tench, at least not of any size. Up popped from the depths a nice Roach/Bream Hybrid I suspect. A lovely fish to catch, and at least I haven’t blanked!

IMG 20210508 100726

Catching at a new venue, even if it isn’t the target species, always adds some confidence. I went in for the 3rd cast with all that confidence, hitting the same spot again. And this time, a much more encouraging bite, as the tip ripped round. This time it was a much better Fish, with is straight away taking line from my reel. This must have been a Tench. I encouraged the powerful Fish away from the main threat of the reeds with little resistance, I suspected it was a Tench on the smaller side, however I was not sure what to expect, I got the Fish into the open, and started bringing him in, taking line quickly off, until the Fish shook the hook! Gutted! Always horrible to lose the first good fish from a venue, especially when it was your target species.

In sync with losing this Fish, the rain seemed to have picked up a bit, along with the wind, and made for a miserable very uneventful next hour or so. I was almost close to the bring of how cold and wet I could be. I had a feeling I would get one more chance as the morning went by, with the rain slowly stopping, and temperature seemingly warming up. I continued to persevere with the spot I chose, despite no further bites, although indications and the odd liner where present, to keep slight hope.

I took the quiet spell to have a texting chat with a few friends on how the session was going. Clearly, the Fish may have been insulted with me feeling calm enough to do some texting! And from seemingly nowhere, the tip smashed round and my rod headed off my lap towards the lake. It’s bites like this why I always opt to have my rod on my lap! This Fish felt much bigger and better than the last one I lost, and really went on a steam towards the reeds! I dipped the rod tip down into the water, and pumped the line to stop the charge, the Fish soon turned around, and got into open water again, having the odd run of energy. But soon I managed to get it’s head up and to get it to gulp some air. This was a Tench too, a nice one. I find the first gulp of air while fighting a good fish is always a good turning point. I soon managed to scoop the net under the fish. And instantly sat back with relief of managing the target species. A lovely Tench, with a tail much bigger than it’s size, as it weighed in at just under 3lb.

Polish 20210508 163256695

I was happy to end it on this Fish, I packed up and spoke to the few other brave anglers on the lake, and sought advice, although it was a tough day for everyone, a few Tench where caught when I left, it was nice to have contributed one! Hopefully in my next trip, I can get a few more, in maybe some nicer weather, although looking at the forecast while writing this, I don’t think I’m in for much luck!

Tight Lines all…

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