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There’s a Lure stuck in my Finger

Please note that this blog contains graphic pictures of an injury.

Well last Saturday I was to go lure fishing for perch at the lake down the lane from where I live, as I could walk there, I was getting prepared getting the tackle from my car, with everything out I decided I needed my sunglasses because even in overcast weather they can take the glare from the water. As I lent in the car to reach the glass’s I had forgot about the lure I has casually thrown behind them the week before, yep treble straight into the tip of the middle finger.  I am by no means squeamish, so I went round to the boot to get the wire cutters the I keep in the pike kit to try and prize it out. No as it was dead centre and barbed it was not going to budge.

I only had one choice and that was going to hospital to see what they could do.  After cutting off the lure with the cutters in my left hand which is more awkward than you think when your right-handed, I now drove to A&E with the cut off hook sticking out of my finger.

cut off
After I cut off the rest of the treble

Luckily on arrival at Southend A&E the receptionist happened to be a fisherman so after a ten-minute conversation about the pros and cons of barbed hooks I waited to be seen. The sister who first looked at my finger decided than I should have an x-ray to see where the hook was situated in the finger.

xray 2
Can’t beat a good x-ray

So, after a few pictures I was called back in with a couple of doctors who advised me that I would have to drive to the hand trauma unit at Broomfield hospital.

I had to go home first to get money for the car park and to put petrol in the car to get there, Funny how you keep catching the end sticking out of your finger on everything around you.

I got to Broomfield hospital to find that the car parking is so antiquated that the meters only take change, no notes, or cards, so I had to drive back out and up the road to a shop to but something to get change. After getting back to the hospital and parking was paid for, I made my way to the hand trauma unit where they were expecting me. After a couple of hours wait the sister came and after Covid, MRSA, blood pressure, temperature tests, the surgeon came to see me and decided the only way to get the hook out was to operate by cutting it out as it was so deep.

The arrow is just incase they got the wrong finger

 I got changed into the operating costume still with my fishing boots on which looks stupid, I was led down to the theatre where they explained the procedure. So, with three aesthetics into the figure they cut out the hook and with a couple of stitches I was ready to go.

Suited and booted

In the recovery room, I was bought a nice cup of tea and some biscuits then sent on my way.

A stitch in time

On Sunday I went perch fishing and blanked.

I would just like to say thanks to all the nurses, sisters and surgeon that had to put up with an idiot with a hook sticking out of his finger.

I would also like to thank all my fellow bloggers for the compassion they showed on a very traumatic day LOL.

hook 2
The remainder of the hook


2 replies on “There’s a Lure stuck in my Finger”

Had you left more of the hook on, with anaesthetic they could probably have pushed the hook and barb right through, and then cut it off easily. Worth doing it again to see it if is easier for the surgeons? 😉

Done exactly the same thing years ago but I had the lure still attached when I arrived at hospital, they just injected anaesthetic and pushed the barb out the then cut it off and pulled it back through.

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