The big lerf weekender is an LRF species hunt, held over almost 3 full days and organised by Richard Salter, Ben Bassett and Joe mole. The main aim of it is to achieve the highest accumulative total of different species caught with lures from anywhere in the world. There is also other elements such as best international catch, most species caught by a junior, most species caught on metals and a few others.

I started at 11a.m on Friday at a local, free pond. My plan was to go there and catch a perch and hopefully a gudgeon. I decided to fish with my lightest metal which is a 0.6g Nano-aji. I was straight in to a perch after a few casts, and caught a few in quick succession. After seeing a few silver flashes in a bit of murky water which I was certain were gudgeon I dropped a metal in it and soon had a fish on. I pulled it up, seen it was a gudgeon and quickly got it on the bank.

A short walk away was my next spot, along a cliff top, down a few steps and on to the beach. I headed towards the rock pools with the same piece off pink isome and split shot rig. Thankfully the rocks where pretty dry, the pools deep and the fish easy to find. I only managed to cover half of them before I had to leave but in the time I had a I managed to catch two more species to take my total to 5. I caught a few long spined sea scorpions and lots of common blennys.


Day 2 started early in search for bass and mullet, with the wind in my face and a feeling that it wasn’t going to go well, I moved on quickly. Driving to my next spot I could see birds diving for sprats or sandeel so knew a mackerel was my next target. Overloading my 5g majorcraft solpara slightly I put on a 7g metal and started searching for a mackerel. Retrieving the metal slowly, my rod bent over and I was into a fish.

I took a short break for some lunch, I waited for the tide to come back in and made my way to Middleton pier.

While I was here I caught 3 new species. First up was a small codling, caught my dropshotting a natural coloured 2inch gulp sandworm. The next species caught was my first whiting in over 7 months, this greedy little fish fell for a full Berkeley gulp camo. I switched to a metal and immediately started catching coal fish. 3 more species in half an hour taking my total to 9.


Day 3 and I was aiming to get some wrasse and hopefully a rockling. When I arrived there was people in the spot I was hoping fish so I fished a different spot for a while. I managed a few small coalfish and watched guillemots destroy a huge shoal of whitebait. I could eventually get in my spot, dropping a 2 inch sandeel between some rocks I soon had a fish on, it was a corkwing wrasse. My 10th species. I tried for about an hour to get a rockling with no luck, catching a couple of Long spined sea scorpions and another corkwing kept me happy till I had to leave though.

Thanks to the guys for organising such a cool event and I cant wait to see what they have planned for the future.


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