The two trips to rook hall

Down to rook hall again! going after my first tench! 

So I went down with a short float set up (7ft rod and 8lb line) bait was just large dendrobina worms! Getting through the small perch (biggest was close to a pound) and roach and Rudd! Changed the depth to 5ft and cast it towards a few sunken logs where I saw some fizzing..

Instantly my float shot under and I was into a massive fish about a 10 minute fight but sadly shot straight under the logs and snapped me off .. either a massive tench or a decent carp.

Cast back towards the same area and I was in again was a little chunky baby tench less that a pound which I was please about proper nice fight for a small fish! 

Chucked out a few loose pellets and ground bait and cast out and it took about 20 minutes but I was into a good fish really nice fight and my heart was pounding got it to the net and what a beautiful sight real orange belly and a golden brown colour.. 5lbs of gorgeous tench, I was amazed at the power and size of her. 

Last hour caught a few more perch and a 3.4lb tench which was proper dark! All in all an amazing session! 

2nd session was a shorter one and the same setup loads of little perch and roach all day which was good fun! And a lovely 

3.6lb tench which was a amazing fight! 

Last cast in I hooked into something massive bought it too the bank and it was a huge common carp zoomed straight off and snapped me clean on 8lb line thankfully I still had my float ect but I’m going there next time with heavier gear for those big carp! 

Looking at the upcoming river season I have a lot too look forward too as I’ve seen some big perch, chub, trout and chub ok the local river and some nice looking pike! So can’t wait to go after them! 

And on the list this year my first ever barbel!!! 

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