The Team

Meet the team of amazing Anglers we have sharing their stories!

The Essex Angler – Bailey Payne

Bailey, who started Essex Anglers has been fishing since he can remember. His dad taught him how to fish initially starting with a match style using Pole. Over the years, Bailey’s fishing style changed due to time on the bank, and eventually started Lure Fishing hunting Perch & Chub.

JT Carpers – Jack & Terry

Jack and Terry started out as work colleagues and have developed a bromance ever since, When they met Terry was actively going fishing and Jack began to rekindle a love for the sport that he used to do with his dad. Eversince they have fell in love with carp fishing as their main choice of fishing but also love to dabble in various others such as waggler tactics and sea fishing too.

Richard Pudney

Hi my names Richard Pudney and I was introduced to the sport of fishing by my Father who would take me sea fishing in the early 80’s down at Great Stone in Kent, but my love for Coarse fishing didn’t take off until I was 8 or 9.
I cut my teeth on the River Lea and never looked back. I’m co-founder of the Clacton Casters and have over a hundred members to the clubs name.
You’ll mainly see Tench and Bream fishing with lures in the winter. I do hope you enjoy my content and I’m proud to say I’m writing for the famous Essex Anglers!

Philip Medhurst

Phil is a lures only angler and has a real penchant for wood and rubber!
Fishing anything from less than a gram up to 200g’s plus he is a real alrounder.

Toni Fletcher

My name is Toni Fletcher, im 38 from Bristol – southwest UK.
I have been angling for nearly 3 years now, it all started with a one off cast with my partner one day – and a single pike hit that totally changed my life!
My absolute passion is lure fishing for predators, although I do enjoy other areas of fishing, like dead baiting, ledgering for chub and barbel, but lure fishing is where my heart is. I am a nail technician by day, so the 2 passions make for an interesting combination 😂
I love to explore, 2 rods and my bag and searching out more remote spots of rivers, drains and canals. I put in alot of hours finding and planning new waters to search, using my watercraft knowledge and always pushing myself to be better – of course chasing those PBs!

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