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Friday 9th of October,  I went to my local lake not that far from me called Rochford Reservoir.  I arrived there around 9am, chose my swim, got all set up and thought about how I would tackle this lake today. So I decided on using a standard rig connected to a lead clip with some tubing. No fancy stuff just a size 4 crank with a size 18 bounty hunter, plus a little size 12 tiger nut pop up giving it that little bit of buoyancy. On the other rod I had the same lay out, but with one single size 16 krill active. After getting both rods out on the perfect spots, I sat back feeling confident. But as the hours went by I started to think I was doing something wrong. So it got to about 5pm and I thought I need to try a different tactic. Nothing extreme, so I took both rods in and re done the bait. I put both on the krill activate, the only difference is I put a piece of fake corn on one of the rods and got them back out. Last time I didn’t put any freebies out so that’s what I done this time, just a couple of hand fulls on each rod. 
I sat down and waited. After about ten minutes my rod bleeps once then it steams off. I got to it just in time. As the weather was not on my side,  the rain was falling and the banks were muddy. I strike the rod and it went straight left towards the snags. As I tried to pull the carp away the hook pops out losing the fish.  I was a bit down in the dumps so I changed bait got the rods out once again. The carp must of been feeding on my spots as that evening I had six carp and lost four. What done it was every time I put a rod and bait out, it went from being quite to absolutely madness. Not the biggest of carp but what an evening it was. 
My friend that was with me had a good evening as well, bagging himself 7 carp. We actually had a fish at the same time. So we had a double picture taken by my fellow blogger, Joe Chappell who was also fishing the next swim down. Joe had one or two out that evening the biggest being a beautiful common.

By Paul Knott

carp angler from Essex 28 years old been carp fishing mostly all my life, I fish all around Essex also a team member with Rod Hutchinson

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