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The Rant

Well, I do not know where to start, we have to a blog each week about fishing or what we have been fishing for. As you can imagine at the present moment in time this can be hard with the restrictions in place due to covid, so we also look at the internet for inspiration.

Looking through Instagram, Facebook and YouTube constantly trying to get the motivation, this is become more and more diluted with crap.

 With Instagram you see pictures of people with their catches and then suddenly after a few months their pictures of them fishing stop and get replaced with a constant barrage of a second-rate product by some second-rate company as they think that they have become a sponsor angler, get real, I started to follow you because of your catches not a product because you think you have made it.

What has gone on with Nash, they have always been a company that show the fun side of fishing with the films and output.  Their podcast has now become just the same as the rest, nothing against Hassan as he was obviously bought in for that specific reason, but this has made their podcast just like all the rest, Bring back Alfie and Dan with their free-flowing jokes and style.

It is not a podcast if it is on Youtube.

YouTube stop putting in so many bloody adverts.

Do not get me started on the latest competition websites and Facebook pages. Buy a ticket and you could win a bivvy or another product. You could but the chances are you will not. Example ticket price of £2.49 there are limited 200 ticket’s, so the company collects £498 and the prize that they are offering is only £160 that a £338 profit and the odds of you winning are 200-1, Save your money and buy the product that you want.

Lure fishing on Facebook has become the big I am, with trolls having a constant go and outing newbies to the sport, trying to help them out with advice not try to make yourself look a pratt.

What is up with carp fishermen having to cast to the longest reaches of the lake, well I must cast 100 yards plus because that is what the big boys do.  1) have a look at the size of the lake they are fishing on compared to yours and 2) check the bloody margins.

If you are going to ask for advice not note of it and use it, do not ignore it, and do what you feel is better. Got asked about a swim and told them to fish to the left as under the water straight ahead is a weed bed under the water and to the left is a gully where you will catch, next minute they are casting into the weed bed and moaning about it, Twats.

When did it become essential to go every where with a bloody cup of coffee it a stupid plastic mug.

And do not get me started on Russell.

Rant over and tight lines everyone

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