Cameron Harris Carp

The Quadruple!

An awesome and productive carp fishing session on a commercial lake.

So late the night before id received a message from a friend who I hadn’t spoken to in a while. We got speaking and he said he had just started carp fishing, so me being eager to learn as much as physically possible I jumped at the opportunity when he invited me out for a session down the local carp lake. He brought all the gear and I paid for some food and a ticket in.

When we arrived the sun was screaming down and I could see many decent carp and koi sunbathing on the far bank, luckily it was my mates ‘lucky swim’. So after setting up and getting the 3 rods set we had assigned 1 rod each and we would share the fish on the third rod. The swim was tight with three rods but we managed space for the pod, unhooking mat, with the weighing sling behind the tree to keep it cool. it didn’t take long to get the first run and I was pleasantly given the rod by my mate. This was it. My first carp screaming down the lake and shaking its head like a madman. I was super impressed by the sear power of this fish even when at a little size I couldn’t begin to imagine what a massive one would feel like! Once the carp was in the net I breathed a big sigh of relief and was shaking with adrenaline, a smile from ear to ear. “absolutely stunning” I claimed, first fish in and unhooked was a fantastic 11lb mirror carp. Chunky, filled with the attitude and strength of a lion.

IMG 2136
My 11lb mirror

The next fish to come was for James, a spectacular cast to the opposite bank resulted in another screaming bite alarm not soon after being cast out, this again was a lovely 12 mirror for James. This lake doesn’t have massive fish in it but a good head of quality well took care of carp that enjoy a scrap. Both of these fish came on a normal running ledger rig baited with strawberry boilies and ground-up strawberry and raspberry boilies used as ground bait.

IMG 2141
James 12lb Mirror

The next fish to show was undoubtedly one of the prettiest fish I have ever and probably will ever see, a 14.5lb ghostie! WOW! what a stunning fish with its snowy white scales and pitch-black eyes. Again coming on a cast to the far bank right towards the sunbathing carp on a strawberry boilie and this fish FOUGHT and fought hard. super fun fish with a super pretty fish to show for as a reward.

IMG 6167
14lb Ghostie

After this ghost, it went quiet for hours till the evening bite came in like a rash with bite after bite after bite. The first two fish to show were small but amazingly pretty commons, easily my favourite type of carp there’s just something about these stunning scale patterns that makes them the best of the best in my opinion.

IMG 2151
4lb Common Carp

After bagging 3 species I had to try and go for the quadruple. Coming just as it started to get cooler 2 estimated at 4lb Koi carp decided to show their face and finish my day. what a spectacular day spent chasing some brilliant species that I never considered in my life before I’ve always been a wild fish with teeth and a big attitude type of guy but this goes as a sign to go outside your comfort zone and always try something new you never know what your missing out on!

IMG 2146
4lb estimated Koi

If you want to hear more about this amazing session I have made a youtube video on it that you can check out. It would be massively appreciated thanks for reading, stay safe.

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