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‘The Mill’

This week we re-cap on a session a few years ago where I caught my current UK PB, with schools going back and Jack being busy with work we haven’t been able to hit the bank in the last couple weeks so unfortunately have nothing new to post, so today we take a short trip down memory lane! 

This trip was a 48-hour session to the awesome little lake which is ‘The Mill’ day ticket lake in Chelmsford, if you haven’t seen anything about this lake, I recommend checking out the link at the end of this blog to take you to their Facebook page. 

Whilst not having much prior knowledge of the lake we arrived as a group of 6 and had the whole lake to ourselves apart from one person fishing the far end of the lake, however he was due off in the morning so we would have the rest of the lake to ourselves from then on out. 

After arriving we done a quick lap of the lake and decided on swims, our friend Chris choosing to fish the big swim by the car park, my dad, Jim & Stu then fishing the 2-3 swims up from Chris along the left side of the lake, Jack choosing to fish the swim in the opposite corner from Chris and then myself fishing in the swim to the left of Jack, we had most of the lake covered as a group so was very hopeful of landing one of the lakes gorgeous residents. 

There is a slight ‘snag’ per say across the top of the lake, these being power lines however these can be worked around and shouldn’t cause a problem, well or so I thought, me being me decided to pick the swim directly below the power lines assuming I would be fine, unfortunately it was quite apparent not long after finding spots etc that this wasn’t to be the swim for me. 

With the rods back in and now in a bit of a sulky mood I decided to change swim and slip in-between Chris & Stu as long the left-hand side of the lake, from speaking to the Bailiff he advised that beneath the power lines was a good spot as it isn’t very accessible from most swims the fish tend to hang out here feeling protected, with this in mind I cast as close as I could to the underneath of the power lines but not so close that history repeated itself. 

Casting out around 10 spombs of Duster Baits Criller-X boilies over the spot and using a Ronnie Rig using Fluro pink Duster Baits nut-trix pop-up over the top of the bait I went to bed feeling slightly deflated as this wasn’t my first choice of swim and feeling a lot less confident than before, but hey you have to use the hand your dealt with so we cracked on, so I could only hope the Fishing Gods were looking down on me. 

The night passed uneventfully for everyone, but at around 7am I had a couple of single bleeps on my middle rod and was met with a drop back, picking up the rod and reeling in the slack line BANG! I was in contact with one of the lakes residents, after a short battle the fish hit the back of the landing net and with that all of the upset from the day before was forgotten. 

An awesome looking mirror/leather carp and at 25lb was my new UK PB fish and still stands to this day! 

Unfortunately the rest of the trip passed very uneventfully for everyone and this turned out to be the only fish of the session between us all, however we had an awesome social and a lovely time, we do aim to get back to ‘The Mill’ soon however we are trying to focus on the ‘Guest Lake’ and becoming members of the club, so for now it will have to sit on the back burner. 

Thanks again for coming and reading our little blog, we do have a vlog of the trip above over on our YouTube channel, unfortunately we aren’t currently making vlogs but hopefully we are looking at starting again soon but until then feel free to look over our old videos, this one included on the link below. 

So, until next week, 

Tight Lines & Wet Nets. 



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