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The Lure of the Sea

Well with the end of the river season fast approaching and my club lakes are closing for a month I have been slowly looking at Lure fishing for Bass.

I am not a sea fisherman by any accord and know absolutely nothing of the equipment required but I have bought a few lures in anticipation of the foaming waves and the bars of silver smashing into them and fighting as I bring them through the water to my waiting hands to hoist in triumph and take a trophy shot before releasing it back to Davy Jones locker.

The lures being a popper, A shallow diver and a surface in pearl, green and a blue. I will need to purchase a few more as you never have enough lures.

Now I have been once or twice before which I tagged along with a couple of friends Russell and Ryan on a nice sunny evening. We were walking in with the tide casting as we went.

I decided it would be a good idea to use my 7ft drop-shotting rod, after a few hours of casting I did not have a drop shotting rod as the handle had split where I was side casting and twisting the handle and the tip snapped shooting down the braid towards the sea to the amusement of Ryan. Ahh, a new rod was now required.

I had also borrowed Ryan’s spare set of waders that were full of water when I handed them back after slipping on the seaweed around the seawall and filling up my rear end. Apologies Ryan.

The next trip I took my H-gun and we stuck to the seawall casting into the frothing tide. Again, I caught nothing.

I have been a couple of times to the Roach at a now redundant mill and cast into the channel from the dockside but to no avail. This is where I really would like to catch one in an urban setting so I will be returning when I have an idea what the hell I am doing.

Also, I covered the seawall going along the crouch and again no luck.

With the next round shortly coming I have now modified a broken 12ft carp rod.  I had snapped the tip which reduced it down to 11ft so with a new tip added its now ready to use in pursuit of the bass. 

I see myself already there standing up to my waist in the waves, casting across the water, walking the dog through the top of a crest as the Bass chase down the lure in predatory pursuit, the anticipation as it side swipes the plastic, only realising that the trebles have embodied themselves into the lips and its caught. It turns tries to make a run for it only to find that the bait is attached to a line and my rod and reel. Game over.

Hopefully in the not so far future there will be a blog on how I overcome the mighty bass and landed some big bars of silver. But not in a boat.

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