Brian Holland

The Lake, A Rant and the River

Well, this weekend did turn out as expected. As this was going to be a carp blog, then it changed to a rant and then finally a lure blog. So, I will start at the beginning as if I started at the end it would make little sense.

Star log Saturday. Well with a new moon, a south westerly wind and the pressure dropping below 1000 it was looking carp time for me. I must admit I have not looked forward to a day’s fishing for a while as without out doing over nights I struggle to get motivated (just not a day’s man). But with the weather and all I was looking forward to a day’s fishing. Getting to my local club lake at the break of dawn I had a good walk round to see if I could see anything but with a good chop on the water it was no way, unless they hurled themselves a couple of feet out of the water, I would see anything.

 So, I chose to set up on the front of the wind, with the lake in this area being around the four feet deep mark and with the temperature being stable for the last couple of days prior, I was confident that they would move down into this area.

My choice of attached being a natural pop-up on a multi-rig next to a reed bed and a boilie on a long hair out into open water at about 15 yards. Both rigs I had put around 10 boilies with a catapult of particle over the top.  At this point I remember that Confucius said ‘Don’t catapult particle into a headwind – very messy).

Except for the wind it was a lovely sunny day which made up for the lack of fish.

With not even a sniff I returned home hoping tomorrow could be a better day.

Star log Sunday morning.  Arriving again at the crack of dawn, the first thing seen was a herd of fallow deer on the edges of the land, sometimes we forget nature exists around us. The lake was dead still and I stood watching for signs across the lake. I could see a couple of swirls over the deep area. So, I headed over there for a closer inspection. I could make out fish were just below the surface as the moved around in the area.

So, with the car unpacked I headed round an put out a zig just below the surface where I had seen them. The second rod was cast under power lines with a bottom bait for a two pronged attached. In the sunshine I sat back in anticipation.  Now here comes the small Rant. Please bear with me.

While I carp fish, I often clear up the swim of any line or rig rubbish mostly tag end and broken bits that are inadvertently dropped and trod in the mud. OCD but I like to help. Now today the first line turned out to be about 16 inch long and this is where I noticed in a bush behind me was a mass of line probably around 20 yards with a safety leader and a rig attached. I am sorry but this is total ignorance from the angler that threw it there instead of taking it home. We are all being watched by the wildlife brigade who want to ban fishing, and this does not help our argument that we care for our environment, so why give them ammo. If you are an angler that just dumps your rubbish around lakes and rivers sorry your unfit to fish. Just take a bag to take your rubbish home it is not hard.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.  

At about 2 o’clock the alarm let out a couple of beeps and the bobbin slowly rose then settled back down, I sat next to the rods waiting the inevitable screamer that did not materialise. So being the last day of the river season I decided to pack up and go to a little river / stream around the corner.

I picked up my last rod to find a fish limply sitting at the other end. Yep, a Bream. Sorry to all the fisherman that like Bream but if you can not pick up a 3oz lead you should not eat the bait.

So, the fish that should not be mentioned was reeled in, unfortunately I had to take a picture for the species hunt and then it was sent back to continue sulking. Boy they have the face for sulking.

Star log Sunday afternoon. I arrived at the stream ok the River Roach that runs through the local park. I have tried before here with no success as in parts it is only about 2 inches deep, and it does have a flow and some deeper pockets along its length.

Hoping for chublet or small perch. So, with my .05 to 5 oz rod, I had a size 6 hook and a small creature bait in hope to lure out some fish if any. After a while I change to a Gunki tipsy in dark green with red flecks and cast into one of the deeper pools and hey presto a fish hit the lure and I was on a fight, now it is fun playing fish on such a light rod as it battled through the water up stream towards me. On finally landing it, in front of a lady that was walking her kids with a surprised face that there were fish living in such a little stream. I was confronted with a nice Roach. Hey, a Roach on the Roach. After a photo it was put back into its little home as I trotted of up to the next hole.  One cast and another Roach was presenting itself to me, did not realise that Roach fishing could be that much fun. 

As the rain was now starting, I walked the rest of the stretch without any more fish to add tally for the day. At least I caught on the final river day of the season – Here’s looking forward to June 16th when I can attack this stretch again.

That is now 2 fish for my species hunt so well happy.


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