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The Guest Lake

So firstly welcome back to yet another JT Carpers blog, we really appreciate all of the support and we genuinely love doing these every week.

This week we visit the Guest Lake of a local club we are hoping to join in the future. There are 4 lakes on the complex comprising of: The Carp Lake/ Top Lake, Guest Lake/ Middle Lake, Catfish Lake & The Small Carp Lake / Bottom Lake. Unfortunately without a full membership we can only fish the Guest Lake with prior permission from the owner. We have had the privilege of walking around the other lakes and we are in love! With carp to over 40lb, plenty of 30lb+ carp in the other 2 carp lakes and Catfish in excess of 100lb this is definitely a venue we want to get fully stuck into.

So on this occasion we went for a 48 hour trip on the Guest Lake. Having fished this lake a handful of times previously, we decided to have one spot that was heavily baited each and to have one rod on the spot during the days and move a second rod onto the spot of an evening time. With our other two rods throughout the day we would either cast to showing fish or try to create a spot with baiting little and often over the rods. As stated before we have done this approach previously and with quite a bit of success, so why not stick with a winning method!

Unfortunately for us, the weather wasn’t on our side and the soaring heat during the day made the fishing hard, however we still had a steady amount of fish throughout the day. None of the bigger residents, but we was happy with steadily catching some pretty awesome fighting carp.

With the night approaching, we both stuck a second rod onto our baited spots hoping for a fish or two through the night. It wasn’t long before one of my rods ripped off and I had to jump up out of my bed and make a b-line for the rods. With the fish safely in the net, I asked Jack for his assistance for a quick snap and then I will return both the fish and Jack to their resting places.

The night passed with a couple of extra fish, but with no real biguns amongst them, I chose not to wake sleeping beauty from his slumber and had a few not so good self takes with having to improvise with a few buckets instead of a tripod, which I forgot to bring.

With the morning sunrise came the hot weather throughout the day. Once again steadily catching fish throughout the day for myself and Jack whilst the other six people around the lake only catching 2-3 fish between them. We was obviously onto a winning formula. This was our first trip out using a new bait company ‘Spotted Fin’. Using a combination of their 3 carp baits; Smokey Jack, Classic Corn & Catalyst, we feel this really gave us an edge. Getting multiple takes from using a variety of the baits on our rigs really gave us that confidence boost that you love to get with a new bait. Our rigs were fairly basic with Jack using mainly a standard hair rig with some blowback tubing on the shank of the hook and a size 8 hook, and myself opting to use a slip d-rig on a size 6 hook from JPrecision Hooks.

During the spell on the second day, I managed two quick fish from the baited area. The first a lovely 19.8lb common. With the fish resting in the net and unhooked I then recast the rod onto the spot. This paid off perfectly as I was just slipping back the 19.8lb common when the rod ripped into life with a 17.8lb common from the same rod on the same spot as the previous fish. This just goes to show sometimes preparation is key and getting the rods back out there as soon as possible can get you them few bonus fish that you may not have got if you waited before resetting the traps!

As the day continued we once again caught a fish or two every few hours. Leading into the night we was feeling confident of maybe a couple more fish as the temperature started to drop, unfortunately this wasn’t to be the case and the second night went past pretty uneventful for both of us.

We was planning to leave at lunch time the next day so we had a few hours in the morning to see if we could manage a couple more fish and hopefully one of the lakes bigger residents. Sadly this wasn’t the case. We did however both manage to get ourselves a kitten of a Catfish which was quite surprising and very welcome.

With the trip all but over we slowly packed away our gear waiting for that ‘last cast’ to finally catch up with us. With time up the trip ended on a reasonable 15 fish between us and some very well spent time on the bank, admiring this awesome complex.

So thanks again for reading our blog, we hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels to get more upto date news on our recent fishing trips. Until next week;

Tight lines & Wet nets!



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