Brian Holland

The End is Nigh?

Well, we all sat it anticipation as Boris spoke about his road map back to a resemblance of normality.

It is looking like the 29th March that us as over night Carp fisherman are released once again the plunder the lakes for our quarry. With a little relaxation in the distance that can be travelled this has opened up a few more day tickets and club lakes that we can fish.

This would be beneficial to me if the club water that I fish was actually open during April. Unfortunately, they shut the gates for a month for maintenance. With the close season on river’s being activated form the 15th March this leaves me and about 1500 members searching for new waters in the area. Can not beat a free for all around Essex by a load of fisherman in Cammo gear.

Luckily for me I have a planned weekend trip to local lake which due to covid has already been moved twice so hopefully easter weekend I can fish there; I have then managed to get a guest ticket for a syndicate lake leaving only two weekends to cover prior to my club re opening.

On a river front, I went to a local stream for a little perch hunt to find that it was nothing but the shit that people dump and we as anglers are get a bad rap for the odd bits and pieces, but this was nothing but total bloody ignorance by the scum who think this is ok.

So, with the rivers closing I am still purchasing lures, why I do not know but I like the look of the Molix swimming dragon fly and I could not resist.

Sadly, on the fishing front it has been two sessions of blanks, Well I say blanks, but I do not think catching a mussel on a lure count or does it?

Whilst whiling away the hours sitting on the bank, I decided to catch up on the podcasts that I listen to one of these being the carp cast, this week’s one featured an interview with England manager and underwater supremo Rob Hughes. They got onto the conversion of leads that hit the news headlines this week over the banning of them under the European laws. Even though we are out of Europe this would in the long term probably affect us in the UK.  The main issue in Europe is that they still use lead shot which has already been banned from the UK anyway, but will this affect the leads used in carp fishing especially when we ‘drop the lead’.  Myself I will drop the lead but only when fishing snags or very deep weed. I have added the link as it is well worth a listen.

As there is no night fishing, I have been also catching up on all the YouTube fishing video’s in the evening especially Fly vs Jerk by kanalgratisdotse if you are into your pike fishing this is a must watch.

Also, for perch fishing check out the perch pro series.

I have a habit of breaking rods, in fact it seems to become a bit of a past time, that and falling in the Chelmer. Any way I arrived at work today to find the gentlemen that can repair rods has completed the repair to my 12ft (Now 11ft) carp rod. With a silver whipped end so that I can used it for predator and Bass fishing. Looking forward to hitting the tides for Bass on the Lure.

Anyway, that is it this week tight lines all.


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