Nathan Lamb

Target Acquired

Was a very early start to the day and a very long drive to the spot, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while as this spot is somewhere I used to go as a child with my grandad.
After a well deserved stop at the service station we made it to the spot, I pulled up and set up a Ned rig with a Z-man TRD in white.

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The first section on this particular spot was fishing very hard and producing nothing, we decided to walk up and fish as we walk, I see an oncoming boat so I cast behind it as it stired the silt and mud up from the bottom and within seconds I was on… I couldn’t tell when fish it was then I see the spotted dorsal fin, this point my heart was racing I finally caught the required target, I got the fish in I was over the moon with this fish, I got it un hooked and out of the net Kieran got his phone out to take a photo and just my luck as always I dropped it straight back in the water, I was gutted.

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We carried on fishing up and between us we had few perch and another lovely zander, I was yet to catch another zander we made our way back to the spot I caught one, it was like deja vu another boat went past so I cast behind the boat again and with the third cast I tried the dead stick method, I felt a few little taps I thought it was just the weight hitting the gravel on the floor, I struck into one of the taps and I was on again! My heart went ten to the dozen again I wasn’t loosing another fish, again I see the the fish come to the service and it was another zander I was so excited I managed to land it and this time I made sure the mat was away from the water and I managed to get a great photo to remember my “second” ever zander.

IMG 20210406 085235 502 2

We went to a few other spots after this again these spots wasn’t producing I personally was putting this down to the constant weather changes, in that one day we had snow, rain and 12 degree sunshine, I definitely think this has put the fish off. I’m hoping my next venture put will be for some squid jigging or back to the spot for a bigger zander.

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