Cameron Harris Fly River

Catching Baitfish On Fly

So today was a day off from work and I decided to go out, ride to a local river and see what is lurking in the brackish water conditions, id heard story of nice big fish being carp, tench and pike but I wanted to see what the baitfish life was like first, not only will this tell me where the pike will like to hold up but it will also show e where the food is and that is where the trench and carp want to be, I found a couple of deep holes too which will hold nice size fish come winter. I was armed with a size 12 spectra shrimp and my 4WT Wychwood game set up which made these fish brilliant fun! I began the day looking for any sorts of rises and luckily id locked my bike up on a piece of structure teeming with life, fish surfacing, wakes of fish shoals of fish, bubbles everything it looked brilliant! Unfortunately, the spot quietened down due to me trying to find what the fish were after, id only started getting interested when I changed over to the spectra shrimp which got crushed the second I started using it from a lovely rudd unfortunately it wasn’t very well hooked as I didn’t know it was even there! however, I tried to land it and it popped off at the bank maybe due to barbless hooks or bad luck I saw it so happy days! the next couple came to a while after finding the hotspot and they were decent size roach, in my opinion, was very happy one took the lure soo deep I couldn’t even see them!

IMG 7378

the video will be linked here!

Bailey Payne Coarse

Sunshine Tench

Well, we have finally had weather with some resemblance of Summer! It’s been a long time coming and from cold it’s seemed to have gone straight to hot! And clearly the fish have noticed this change to, with mass spawning taking place.

I headed back to Parsonage Farm Fishery, in hopes for maybe a few Tench. Same method as usual, a little hybrid feeder on my trusty quiver and Tincaberry groundbait, a good mix, and hopefully with the heat the Tench would fancy some berry flavoured goods!

Within 30 minutes of baiting up and fishing, the tip had smashed round, and a very un climaxing fight began, with the Tench almost giving up with barely any fight. However great to get off the mark!

IMG 20210529 094721 scaled e1622796911924
A Lovely Tench!

This beauty weighed in at around 3lb. With sadly a bit of damage to its upper lip, it was swiftly returned.

Unfortunately, the next few hours just provided constant line bites, never developing into anything. It’s always frustrating to see the rod tip moving so much but to no avail.

I opted for a change of tactic, others on the lake seemed to be catching well on float. So I quickly put the only float I had on! And hoped for some more Tench.

Using just corn on the hook, and casting just past the first ledge a few metres out. Similar to where other Tench where being caught, I was hopeful. Although I saw what seemed to be millions of Rudd buzzing around in my swim!

Providing a challenge to get past them, however catching these beautiful small fish really made time go by quickly, and it’s not long before you lose count!

IMG 20210529 115834

I possibly forgot about Tench fishing while catching these scale perfect little fish one a chuck, and really just forgot about taking photos. Sometimes it can be such a joy just to constantly catch like this. no matter the size of the fish. Especially sitting in the sun, catching one a chuck proved to be a great way to spend a day.

Before I knew it, my alarm went off and it was time to head home!

Tight Lines all…

Tom Baird

Father-In-Law strikes again

Today I went fishing with the Father-In-Law and what a session it was. I was on the river by 05:30 sharp and not a soul to be seen. It was lovely, I love that time in the morning. Just me, the river and the nature around you.

20200930 152922

I had lightly baited the area with ground bait (banana & coconut) mixed with sweetcorn, hempseed and some mussel flavouring with maggots mixed in. Then a few handfuls of mixed maggots to top it off.

Again, a simple float set up, but I have found these Guru floats in my local tackle shop (Clacton Angling) which are amazing. I call them the torpedoes, but have no idea what they’re actually called. They fly through the air and hit the water with such grace. Float sizes are 14mg and 8mg which are just right for the way I fish.

I had nothing, loads of swirls all around my float and area, but nothing on the end of the line. So, the line came back in, I checked the depth and the set up and back out I went. Otter came and said hello, which was nice of them and a few kingfishers. Later my Father-In-Law showed up.

20200930 174352

Once he was fishing, we set about sorting out his new chair. Well it was more like putting up a tent, there were poles everywhere. Once up, he sat on it and slid off towards the water. Inside I was laughing my head off and to be honest on the outside too.

I ended up going to the car and lending him one of my spare chairs. Thank god we sorted that and that I had a spare. As most of you would probably agree Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance (the 6 P’s, always remember them).

Within ten minutes he was in, I was not impressed lol. I felt like I did all the donkey work and he had just swooped into my fish. (Love you really Stan). He had a lovely Gudgeon and then a Roach. The irony is that I set his rod up for him too.

20200930 153046

So, for five hours my amazing Father-In-Law was catching and I had nothing, not a peep. Come 10:15 I was thinking of packing up, as the rain started to come. The cloud was just over me lol. 11:20 came and I was in, thank god for that a Roach. Nothing amazing, but not a blank and then another. Then a golden beauty. Was loving life again.

We had four different species today, which was great to see. So, Gudgeon, Roach, Rudd and Chub. What a morning session. Now getting ready for my next trip on Saturday with the Essex Anglers team, so watch this space. It will be a test of skills and I think my fellow blogger Bailey and I have a little match going on too.

Make sure you check out Tackle Box above, Tight Lines………

Bailey Payne

Rudd-y Hell!

An early start brought me to a rural Essex Lake in hunt for Rudd! This lake is known to have some big Rudd in, some of which are 4lb! However, this was a perfect chance for me to set a possible PB (anything over half a pound would’ve done that! I don’t target Rudd a lot!), with the risk of a thunderstorm looming, I knew I didn’t have too much time in not the ideal conditions for Rudd, however, thought I’d give it a go! After some of the locals trying to intimidate me I started Fishing!

received 607875843252706
Local Geese trying to Intimidate me for free Bread!

My tactics today was a simple waggler setup Fishing about 3-5ft deep changing depending on the swim, spread shots to slowly let the bait sink to the bottom and either bread flake or corn on the hook! Simple and hopefully effective! I worked my way around this small lake targetting the lily beds, in very overcast and drizzly weather, I wasn’t too hopefully of big Rudd showing and feeding aggressively, so was hoping to nab one where they live!

I started on Bread flake to no luck on the first lily bed, and after about 30 minutes, I headed to the next peg and lily bed and opted for corn this time (I never went back to bread, however have loads of liquidised bread now!), after setting the float in position on the edge of the pads I quickly got a bite, and quickly missed the bite! Frustrated I quickly went back out in hope the Fish was still there, and it was, managed to get a lovely condition Rudd, probably 8-10oz (You may disagree, I didn’t bother weighing since it wasn’t clearly big! And I’m not very good at judging!) I quickly added to this one Rudd and managed to get two more in about 5 minutes! All similar size and lovely condition! Great Fish to catch!

It soon went quiet, I decided to move on again, and went a bit round the lake to a lovely looking bed of lilys! Straight away on first cast I managed another small Rudd! Followed by one a bit smaller who I deemed non photo worthy!

IMG 20200815 102741

A lot of time then passed with no more action, I decided to move down to an aerator, where I had seen a lot of Fish top and was hopefully maybe some bigger Rudd where here! Missing a lot of bites eventually became frustrating before I connect to a rather angry Fish! A nice little scrap, and was happy to see the lovely golden scales surface of another Rudd! I weighed this Fish as it was a lot bigger than others, weighing in at just over a pound, this is my new PB Rudd! A lovely Fish, and a good bar to set to hopefully in better conditions get some better ones!

Screenshot 20200815 114933

I had another quick Rudd after this, but back to the small size, and then the weather turned and rain got a lot harder! It was a good morning session! And decided was a good time to go home and not get too wet! Hopefully on my next visit I will find some bigger ones!