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Here at Essex Anglers we like to help new Anglers find the right gear and tackle for them, so below are the Tackle Reviews have done, a lot of the below is gear we use all the time and have got ourselves, but we do get the odd chance to review other Tackle. Hopefully this helps all you Anglers decide whether a piece of Tackle is the match for you.

  • Is The Ned Rig Worth The Hype?
    I saw the pressure and it just screamed perch! i grabbed my rod and went off to do a test that ive wanted to do for a long time, is the Ned rig really worth it!? is it as good as people say it is? So with the pressure low, spirits high, overcast weather and […]
  • Rigged & Ready – Fish Rig 180 Review – The best telescopic rod?
    Today, something a bit different, a rod review, the Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180 (This blog as nothing to do with the Car, although a lovely car it is!), when I was first told about this rod, I was very intrigued and had to give it a go. It’s a semi telescopic ultra light […]
  • Using the Salmo Slider to find big chub.
    Last year I received a 7cm Salmo slider for Christmas after hearing this lure was a must-have for pike I decided to pick one up in real roach colour, and to say I’m impressed is an understatement! As I have learnt more and progressed through my fishing I have come to realise that its also […]
  • Maver Venue Seatbox Review: Is it worth it?
    Today we are looking at the pack-down seatbox from Maver, the Venue. An interesting seatbox aimed for those who are unable to store a full seat box. I’ve owned this seatbox for a few years now, and have got a good idea about it. Hope you find this Maver Venue Seatbox Review helpful! The box […]
  • Wychwood Riot Rods – Tackle Review
    With the freezing temperatures having rolled in over the last couple weeks it has been very hard to get over onto a lake where it hasn’t frozen over and with only 1 lake in my local district as per Government guidelines my options are limited. So, with that in mind today I’m going to write a tackle review on my Wychwood Riot Rods.  […]
  • Advanta Discovery RVS Rod River Ambush 5.5ft – Review
    After attempting to fish today in the -3c weather, with my rod tip freezing, made placing a bait very difficult, along with the freezing wind chill, I didn’t last very long. So today, I decided to have a look at the Advanta River Ambush rod, at 5.5ft its a tiny rod capable of getting in […]
  • Winter Warmers
    Welcome back to another blog! Sadly no time for fishing this week with all the home tutoring for my 2 children. However I thought I would go over a few essential items to take on a Winter sessions fishing to ensure you are comfortable and safe at all times. Head torch  For me this is […]
  • Tackle Box Darent Valley 8ft Quiver Review
    I have had this Rod for a little while now, and used it in a few different situations and venues, so have been building this Review for a while, one of the reasons it has took so long, as I really wanted to really give it a test. And I have to admit, I am […]
  • Tackle Review – Tackle Box CF-X 18m Telescopic Baiting Pole
    If you’ve read my most recent blog, you would have already heard what I’m about to say. If not then keep reading! When I say this piece of kit has doubled my catch rate, I’m not lying. I mentioned it above, yep that’s right, it’s my baiting pole from The Tackle Box. I absolutely love […]
  • Tackle Box Darent Valley Specialist Rod
    Review I was asked to test out this particular rod which is one of 10 in this range of Darent Valley. As an active angler I decided that I would test the rod with Carping and Float fishing. So, over the last four weeks that’s what I have done. First let’s look at the design […]
  • Sonik Dominator X Rods – Review
    During lockdown, I went on a bit of a spending spree and treated myself to some new kit, including a set of three Sonik Dominator X rods. I wanted to get some 10ft 3lb test curve rods and after some shopping around an offer came up on the Dominators that was just too good to […]
  • Rigged & Ready – X5 Max Travel Rod Review
    I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review the X5 Max Travel Rod by Rigged & Ready. I am really interested in Travel Rod’s especially one which on the label says it can cover such a range of Fishing, it really sparked my interest, as a Mini driver, I don’t have the […]
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