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Tackle Box Darent Valley 8ft Quiver Review

I have had this Rod for a little while now, and used it in a few different situations and venues, so have been building this Review for a while, one of the reasons it has took so long, as I really wanted to really give it a test. And I have to admit, I am very impressed, so much so, this Rod has dethroned by trusty Garbalino Rocket Picker as my main tip rod.

On un-boxing of the Rod, I was instantly impressed with the firm build quality. The rod comes with two tips, a lovely and soft 1oz tip, and another tip of 1.5oz, however the rings on this tip set it up for float fishing or even lure fishing with dropshots! However you can still use this as a quiver, for those areas you think you may have some bigger fish about! It comes in a nice rod bag too, nothing fancy but a nice initial bag to keep it in.

The first use of this Rod, was a very memorable day for myself. I started the day playing around with the heavier, float fishing tip, doing some waggler Fishing on a slow River/Canal. I was after the Roach held in this stretch, and was flicking in maggot and mashed bread with maggot and bread flake as hookbait. The Rod was lovely to play those small few oz Roach on and kept it a very fun day.

I decided to swap to the softer tip and fish a small bomb and bread flake, to see what Fish where mopping up the feed on the bottom. In 10 minutes, I had two great bites, strong indications on the tip, and set myself two new Roach PB’s, with a first of around 1lb, and then a warrior of 2lb!

The Rod dealt with both Fish great, and was just right, not over gunned, but still powerful enough to be confident playing bigger fish, while making these Fish put a nice bend in the Rod.

I next tested this Rod on small commercial size Carp averaging around 3-5lb. This was chucking out a method feeder of 20g filled with micros and watching the tip smash round. The small rod done well for itself to chuck this feeder out, and was very impressive how such a small soft rod dealt with this.

On the day, I managed 8 Carp of all around that type of size, and was great fun on the Rod with the softer tip, leaving me confident this Rod could deal with whatever is thrown its way.

What I leave you with is this, it’s a small soft Rod, however it packs a punch for it’s size, well built and strong, can survive a dog attempting to vault over it, and passer-by’s distracted by your catch and accidently tread on it! (Sadly, not tests I wanted to do, however the Rod was fine each time!), this Rod is priced at £46.99 currently on the Tackle Box, and for this price, it’s an absolute gem. A super rod which performs amazingly and it comes with their lifetime warranty, and their support is second to none! If you are in the market for a quiver, this Rod is a must.

Tackle Box Darent Valley 8ft Quiver:

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