Bailey Payne

Sunny River Fishing

Today I headed to a lovely stretch of the Chelmer, this stretch has fantastic Roach in to a great size, loads of Chub and Dace too, a brilliant bit of River and it was my first time Fishing it, and I continued to use the centerpin in hope of continuing my learning of the method!

It wasn’t ideal conditions, very bright and warm, so I wasn’t expecting too much to show, however, still wanted to make the best, it seemed the conditions did put most Fish off, however the one species which didn’t seem to bothered by the conditions where the Minnows! Overall today, I probably had close to a 100 minnows, made for a great days Fishing just catching small Fish and getting plenty of bites, and just learning how to control the float and strike to the bites properly on the pin.

I also had probably the smallest Fish I have ever caught! Still a Minnow but was tiny! Made for a laugh seeing that, the maggot I used as a bait was almost bigger than him!

IMG 20200919 100653
Worlds Smallest Minnow??

I did however perserve and manage a few better Fish in the midday heat, finding a small shoal of Chublets and quickly catching a few, including the best Fish of the day, which is a better size Chub, however still a Chublet!

Overall, Fished the River a bit earlier than I should have, in maybe a month it will come into it’s prime with the Roach Fishing and I can’t wait for that! And hopefully we can manage a few nice Chub along the way too! Good first exploration of the River, found a few nice swims and saw a lot of good Fish just cruising in the sun! A lot to take back with me and prepare for! Till next time!

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