Stuart Gardiner

Summer Rudding

A Red Letter Rudd Day

Sitting with the dark afternoons at 4pm now this is a blog on my best late summer session at Thornwood Springs, Epping chasing the massive Rudd that frequent there.

It was a perfect mild day with prefect light breeze north easterly direction which made for perfect presentation in the swim I fancied that day.

Setting up fishing towards a boom that separates the lake with a 2AA waggler fishing just off the bottom approx 6ft deep with 4 x 6 stots and 1 x 8 stot strung out using 5lb main line to a 3lb hook length to a size 16 barbless. Bait for the day is sweetcorn, fake casters and Dynamite baits soft hooker white pellets 6mm, I like using these as as durable bread punch substitute as they withstand small fish taking them off the hook . Groundbait is simple, I liquidise 2 white loaves add a tin of corn and a pint of soaked 2mm pellets, the moisture from the corn pellets and bread is more than enough to bind perfectly without need for any water and breaks down perfectly as it drops through the water.

I started off with a single grain of corn and got bites almost immediately with a steady flow of 8oz to 1lb golden beauties.

After a couple of hours of steady fish the bites stopped, so I decided to move to the smaller lake behind that has plenty of fish in, using my 14ft acolyte and centrepin with pole float on in approx 3 fit of water a rod length out just off the rushes, had a few hours of non stop bite a cast using fake casters as hook bait feeding same groudbait a small golf ball size every 10 minutes or so.

The average stamp was nice ‘ goer ‘ size up to a good handful of 1lb plus fish

Returning back to my original swim on the bigger lake there was a nice ripple which enabled the float to hold nicely off the boom across a few small fish followed again on single corn and white soft pellets, bites were few and far between but the conditions were perfect for the style I was fishing. After a couple of hours I struck into a fish at first I thought it was a brown trout as it tore off and stayed deep after a few minutes and a great fight I saw the red and gold flash of a Rudd and was fortunate to land the 3lb 2oz beauty in the picture below was in superb condition and just a perfect day fishing.

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