Summer Chubbin’ (Topwater Chub Fishing)

Well, it’s safe to say after this summer I have a bit of a new addiction in Lure Fishing. Topwater fishing for chub, something already a lot of anglers do, however, there is still a lot which don’t. And if you’re not…why?!?

This is by far during the summer, the most exciting way to lure fishing, watching a set of white lips come up behind your lure to take it is great fun, and gets your heart pumping. This being my first full season of lure angling, and my first attempts on topwater fishing. I still have a lot to learn. But I plan on sharing what I have learnt, and my experiences which you guys, and before the end of the summer, I highly encourage you to go out and find some chub!

My Setup

Firstly, I will let you guys know what setup I am using for this. I personally prefer using a BFS setup now. However, of course this will work with a spinning setup. I am using a 2-10g rod, the lures I am using a light, but you do need some backbone in small overgrown rivers to get those feisty chub out! The lure is the main thing. There is a huge range of topwater chub lures you can use. Little bug cranks which are fairly common. But I have to admit, I like soft plastics still. And I use the FFSLures! 50mm Floating Frog – The colours I have used are SomeFin special, and in white. I was hoping white may look like bread a little bit and encourage bites on tougher days.

It’s all about Location!

I find it a bit of a cliche when people say its all about location, but it is true, you can’t catch if there aren’t there. I find with Chub, it’s good to find the locations they like to live. Usually heading out with a small loaf of bread towards the end of close season, and just walking a river and feeding the fish gives you a good idea as to where these summer chub will live. Scouting rivers can really help give you the right place to fish, and without a rod, you spend more time walking and find spots you may not have had time to get to with a rod, and have a rough idea of where is worth trying.

How I managed…

Well, I’m sure everyone is eager to know how I actually managed with my little streams in Essex. And I’m not exaggerating to say I got a LOT of bites. With Chub fishing, and top water chub fishing, you will miss bites, and it can be frustrating, however, you need to keep faith, and keep plugging away, and you will land a few. I found most swims I dropped in, I got bites. Seeing chub come up is so exciting and I think the excitment makes me guilty of striking a bit to soon!

20220703 075802
My First Top Water Chub

The first wasn’t big at all, but this made me more determined to catch some bigger fish. Before this, I had seen bigger fish come up and take the frog, however, I did miss a few of their bites.

After a week of very early mornings in an effort to eventually get a few nicer fish, I did manage to get for me, a PB, which is only 2lb, I know….not a huge Chub, but a PB for anyone is special, so I was quite happy with this!

20220709 064848 1
PB Chub

Funnily, I haven’t gone after Chub for a few weeks now, however writing this has definitely given me the bug to get out again and get some towards the end of the summer! And hopefully, update you guys with an even bigger fish!

If you enjoyed this, please consider checking out my YouTube where you can catch all of my sessions and see me catch fish mentioned in this blog! (Although some videos may not be out yet, more reason to stick around!)

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