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Suffolk Water Park.

Due to the latest lock down I have been somewhat busy with work issues so fishing last week was a non-starter. But I thought you might be interested in a short review on this cracking venue just off the A14 near Ipswich. I know its not strictly in Essex but its a very short drive if you live up this end of the county and well worth the effort. .

As far as fishing goes this venue, created from some old gravel workings, offers a cracking assortment of waters with something suitable for most Stillwater anglers.

As you enter the car park you will see the on site cafe very handy for a mug of tea and a bacon sandwitch before you start your day.

It benefits from an onsite tackle shop,and, although the carp angler is well catered for the general/match angler section is a bit limited. A huge selection of ground bait and boilies is available. Directly behind the shop there is ‘The Big Lake,’ a huge 25 acre specialist Carp lake with fish of 20, 30 and 40lb+, Night fishing is allowed and daytime Pike fishing from November onwards.

Once your ticket is bought it’s a short drive to the rest of the complex which has a further 5 lakes.

Traditional Lake 

6 acres with a small island in the middle, on which I have had many good sessions fishing for Bream. It’s a good venue for using the long pole and I have regularly had 30-50 in a session from 2-5lb. Also contains a good head of Carp to 20lb+, plus a good selection of all the other usual species you would expect.

Match lake 1

A large rectangular lake with most species , some big shoals of Bream and it is noted for its big Perch at the golf course end (more on that to follow) and many carp to upper doubles.

Match lake 2 A smaller version of match Lake 1 with similar fishing available.

The Doughnut Lake. A small round lake with a circular island meaning that every angler has access at about 12-14mtrs. Not very deep but noted for its Tench and Crucian, however I’ve had little success to date.

The Canal Lake. My wifes favourite. It’s a manmade long thin lake that looks like a canal hence the name. Not very deep and it can be quite weedy in summer but has some fantastic Tench in as my Beloved Sheena found out on her first time fishing there.

What a fish to give your brand new Drennen Acolyte a good test

All swims are comfy, spacious and well maintained, most having parking directly behind. Some are Jetty style and are of a good size. Double swims and wheelchair accessible swims are also available.

Fish are generally in good condition as keepnets are only permitted in matches. Food is available on site and I believe they offer a delivery service to your peg. Well worth giving this place a go.

Oh yes the Perch…… Well I decided that Beloved Sheena and I should give it a go as Perch are her favorite and the rumours of fish to 4lb+ sounded very inviting.

We fished the noted Perch hot spot at one end of Match Lake 1. Sheena started on Red maggot with steady feeding soon giving her a steady stream of Roach and Rudd!

 I fed Reds but chose to float fish a big air injected lobworm just on the bottom close in on the float. This produced the occasional small Perch of around 6oz. Then my float twitched and lifted and laid flat as the huge Perch picked up the Lob and the SSG shot and off it sailed. A firm strike and I felt the satisfying weight of a good sized Perch….. a very VERY good Perch which, three seconds later turned into a potential record breaking Perch and then suddenly morphed into a bleeding Carp as it powered off into the middle of the lake. My poor thumb was sizzling as I tried to put as much pressure on the Centerpin as I dared, but 3lb line can only take so much. 20 minutes later and it was in front of me and refusing to come anywhere near the surface. The line was ‘singing’ my arm was aching, my thumb was throbbing and my Beloved Sheena was giggling like a schoolgirl at my feeble attempts to lift the fish and net it at the same time. Eventually, after half a dozen or so goes, pity set in and she came and took the net and scooped it up at the first attempt. “So much for Perch fishing” she tutted.

Which reminds me, I must check they are open as I have a month off work and they owe me a big Perch!

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