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Spinning for Success

Myself and Tom both took a Thursday off, and headed down to the local res! A fairly known one in the world of trout fishing.. Hanningfield! Our aim…a few rainbow trout though the res is known to have very large Perch to around 5lb! We were walking around the dam on this session, trying a variety of spinners. And just a good old chinwag like myself and Tom always have while fishing.

IMG 20210429 093137
The tackle for the day – Rigged & Ready X5 Rod!

We started having a chat to the rangers by lodge, and having a cheeky look at the spinners on sale there, and even got one or two for our session. Quickly setup and we started our walk along the dam wall.

The weather started horrible, strong bitter winds didn’t make the day very comfortable, and we worked out way down to a bit of a cove out of the wind, and we’re joined by a family of geese.

IMG 20210429 124621

I’m sure they found out spinning technique comical! I varied retrievals but made sure it was still spinning well, in hope I would nab one, and it wasn’t long in the little cove I did! Nothing special, but my first lure caught rainbow! So was a nice moment!

IMG 20210429 095636

We soon took a lunch break, heading to a local pub to have a rather cold outside lunch, a beer and a burger! And to discuss the morning and our afternoon approach.

Clearly the beer got the better of us, as we failed to catch another fish between us that day, and still need to refine our spinning technique to increase our success!

We bumped into a few nice anglers who managed to jump on the new stock bashing and caught quite a few, while we were the other side of the res! And it was nice for the sun to eventually come out later In the afternoon.

Tight lines all…

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