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Firstly, welcome back to another blog, with this year soon coming to a close we would just like to say a thank you to everyone who reads our blogs, we really do appreciate all of the support. <3 

So, once again this week I was hoping to hop down to the river and try trotting again (Still sounds a little weird to me) however with the snow earlier in the week came the enormous amounts of fog! I am not sure how bad it was in Essex but where I live on the Lincolnshire border it was unreal, honestly couldn’t see more then 1 foot in front of you, so unfortunately that put a stop to my fishing for this week. Obviously now as I have written this blog the fog has mysteriously disappeared, typical. 

So, with no new exciting tales to tell you of my blanking record on the river, I have decided to just do a little recap on the different species myself and Jack have caught over the years, this goes hand in hand with next year as I will be on the hunt for as many as possible with the Essex Anglers Species Hunt Title on the line! I have no chance of winning it but the adventure along the way should be fun. 

First, we start with every carp anglers’ favourite fish, the Bream. Whilst admittedly it can get rather annoying whilst waiting for that elusive bite from a carp, Mr bream decides to take your hook bait and give you a good old slimy kiss to your landing net. I somewhat have a slight soft spot for the slimy buggers! Whilst most of them can be annoying I have to admit that when you land a big one the size of a bin lid it’s hard to not be impressed! Myself and Jack haven’t caught MASSIVE ones before but with next year’s competition looming, I hope I can get amongst some of the specimen ones! 

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A Nice Bream for the Guest Lake at Whites Lakes

Next up, one of mine and Jacks favourites, the good old Tench, again most carp anglers loathe them but me and Jack actually really like them, having not fished for them specifically before, next year will be interesting, we both love the colour of them and the good old scrap they put up, I think they are beautiful fish and again can’t wait to get amongst them! 

Here we have a sub-species of carp, the Koi Carp, whilst still part of the Carp family I can’t help but fall in love every time I see one, I am lucky enough to have caught 2 special ones before and have found a lake we have blogged about before that holds some lovely Koi. We will defiantly be heading there next year to get one ticked off the list and just be in awe of their beauty whilst doing it! 

Now we have a fish that I have unfortunately not been able to catch before but Jack has whilst fishing for Carp, Pike, we have never properly fished for Pike before apart from chucking a lure out and retrieving a few times before deciding to pack them away for the carp rods. But next year I will be aiming for one specifically and giving them a good crack with my cousin who fishes for them regularly so fingers crossed! 

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A small ‘Jack’ Pike caught by Jack whilst fishing for carp at a local Park Lake

Finally, we have the power house of the lot, the Wels Catfish, Ive been lucky enough or unlucky depending how you look at it to hook into these beasts on a number of occasions but have only tamed one of reasonable size. In the last year when fishing venues with Cats in I have aimed to have one rod out specifically for the Catfish but seemingly they just love to home in on my Carp bait! My 30lb Catfish pictured was actually caught on a Spinner Rig with a White pop up whilst reeling in from casting to a showing Carp and not being happy with where it landed. For a solid 10 seconds I thought I had hooked into a snag as the rod just locked up, then all of a sudden, a burst of energy and the line was screaming off the reel as I was screaming for Jack in disbelief, these monsters really do give you a fight and me and Jack cannot wait to get onto the Catfish Lake with our new membership at Whites Lakes next year! 

That wraps up this week’s blog, we have also caught countless Roach, Rudd & Small Perch however before finding my love for fishing as a whole rather than just for carp fishing, I never really took any pictures of them. With the Species hunt next year do expect to see a lot more variety in mine and Jacks fishing and hopefully a lot more fish! 

As always,

Tight Lines & Wet Nets,



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