Species Hunt

The Essex Anglers team are taking on a challenge for 2021 to see which Essex Angler Is the best Angler. We will be taking part in a Species Hunt! The Angler to catch the most Species in a full calender year will win! Fresh and Saltwater fish will be included in the tally and we will keep a live up to date score on the website as well as post updates to our Facebook page and group so be sure to follow them for updates! 

The Rules:

– A species will only count if it is caught within Essex! To highlight the Species we can catch here! 

– Each Species must have the catch competition card next to the Fish in the photo and come with a small catch report.

– The Fish must be caught with a Rod and Line (Or Pole and Line of course!)

 – The competition will last for a year, so it gives all Species a chance to be caught. 

There wil also be acknowledgements to the Angler who catches the biggest of each Species. 

The Scores:

Bailey Payne:
Thomas Baird:
Joe Chappell:
Peter Baker:
Mark Harding:
Terry Roberts:
Jack Palmer:
Andrew Pilgrim:
Brian Holland:
Alan Stevens: 2
Stuart Gardiner:

  • Alan Stevens -Dab
    Species – Dab Venue – Essex coastal bay Method – lug on 1 up 1 down rig size 1/0 hook
  • Alan Stevens – whiting
    Species – Whiting Venue – Essex coastal bay Method – lug tipped with squid on flapper, size 1/0 hook