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Sonik Dominator X Rods – Review

During lockdown, I went on a bit of a spending spree and treated myself to some new kit, including a set of three Sonik Dominator X rods. I wanted to get some 10ft 3lb test curve rods and after some shopping around an offer came up on the Dominators that was just too good to turn down. Their RRP is £79.99 however I managed to find 3 for £140.

If your looking for some new rods, but are on a budget then I can say look no further than the Dominator X’s. For their price they are fantastic rods. They are lightweight and sleek and look perfect on the alarms.

I’ve managed to put a lead over 100 yards with these rods which is pretty impressive considering their size and the fact that I’m an average caster. When it comes to playing fish, they are great too. I’ve caught fish up to 24lb on them and it’s been great fun. Even smaller fish of a few pound have put up a fantastic fight.

IMG 3883

The 10ft models are equipped with a 40mm butt ring. All the rods in the range are made from high modulus 1K woven carbon fibre and feature a DPS-18 reel seat as well as a line clip.

I haven’t got much else to say about them, I honestly can’t fault them and I’m really pleased with my purchase. After having a few casts with some friends Sonik Vader’s you can really tell the difference. The dominators really are that bit better, sleeker and lighter than their cheaper counterparts the Vader X’s.

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I got an eBay bargain the other day of a couple of those rods for £38! The listing was at 7am so I put a cheeky bid in before I went to bed and was amazed to find that when I woke up I had won them. Arranged to collect them before the guy changed his mind which was only just up the road and when I arrived they were in his garage with all his other tackle, all wrapped up in branded bags with a great big trolley for it all to go on. He was definitely a keen carp man!
When I got them home and took them out of the bag they were like new! I couldn’t believe it! Now all I needed was a couple of new reels, bag, bite indicators etc etc!

Wow what a bargain! I use the Shimano XTD’s 5500 on mine, but they’re quite pricy. Before those i had some of the Shimano ST RB bait runners and they were great reels. My dad caught a 31lb catfish with them so they’re by no means a small fish reel.

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