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Small Pond Mystery Fishing

There is something about fishing a small local pond, they seem to hold a bit more mystery than other venues, mostly due to a lot of Fish being re-homed in them from people who no longer wish to keep them, this really can give a surprising variation of species in one of these little ponds.

This past Sunday I opted to have a few minute walk down to a little local pond and just spend an hour, mainly only an hour because of the strong winds making it a bit chilly! Opted for a simple setup of just fishing on the tip with a light bomb on the end, 15 inch hook length to a size 12 hook, good enough size for anything really. The approach was to fish bread flake on the hook, and feed the reminder of an old groundbait we had lying around.

The pond I fished is somewhere I have walked by a few times, and always seen a few fish topping, mostly looking like Carp, however before I even started fishing a seemingly golden fish topped in front of me, leaving a few questions to what this was, Goldfish? Golden Rudd? or possibly even a Crucian still lurking around in a small pond? Years ago, probably over 20, the pond was known to have a good population of small Crucians, whether they are pure or not with the Goldfish and Carp which have been added over the years, I won’t know until I see one.

On the first cast, it didn’t take long before a few knocks on my bread, with the warming water I guessed a lot of smaller fish maybe such as Roach or Rudd where on it straight away, however no bites developed, I did try to hit the odd tap, but to no avail. It took a good 30 minutes, before, in all honestly, I fluked a fish! I was about to freshen up my bread flake, after a few knocks I thought it was sucked off again, however on lifting, a Fish decided to take my bait at the same time! Let’s just say it was an incredibly quick strike!

This led to a full of energy small Carp being caught, lovely little Carp, as perfect as you could imagine.

IMG 20210328 151504 scaled e1617001528228

The next bite after this didn’t take too long, almost seemingly one set them off, this time a much better pull round. No mistaking this for a Fish, and a certinaly more sizeable, giving a great fight on my light 1oz tip, trying to avoid the logs in the pond and other obstacles. But netted again, a pristine common carp, this time maybe just a bit over 3lb, maybe nudging 4lb.

IMG 20210328 WA0000
Ignore my hair, forgot my woolly hat to control it! The wind made it out of control!

A slightly longer wait after this Fish, but another few taps developing into a bite, not pulling the tip right round, more shaking than anything, however I was in again. This time to the surprise of the trip, up popped a lovely little Brown Goldfish Fantail hybrid.

IMG 20210328 153918

What a beautiful little fish, all these lovely pond fish where in perfect knick, not a scale out of place. Lovely to see.

While fishing here too, a guy was fishing on the other side, catching another sizeable Carp for the pond, but also, something which looked like a Crucian from distance, of course this could’ve been a small brown goldfish, however on asking, he did confirm it was a Crucian, whether true or not, certainly spikes my interest in a small pond Crucian possibly! And this little pond will have another few more visits, especially being in walking distance. The venues you ignore can often be the most fun, I would recommend to everyone to have a little look around on a map, to see if you have any small ponds you can Fish.

Tight Lines all…

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