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Slough House Lake Review

So unfortunately on our last trip myself and Jack weren’t as successful as we would of hoped, we was hoping that we would have enough content to put over 2 blogs as we were fishing for around 50 hours on our last session, thus we had no fish to talk about and the last blog wasn’t as good as was planned.

So this week we have decided to do a fair and honest review on a lake we have visited many times over the years, Slough House Lake which is located in Bulphan just outside Upminster, Essex, as I would presume most of the people reading these blogs are from the surroundings areas you may have heard or even visited this lake, in which case we hope you would agree on our next few points, however if not we would love to hear your opinions on Slough House Lake.

We will be breaking the review down into 3 main points and rating each point our of 5, with a total score out of 15, the points we will be covering are: Cleanliness/Upkeep of the fishery, Facilities at the fishery, the Quality of Fish, now again this review is of mine and Jacks own personal opinions and doesn’t necessarily share the opinions of anyone else.

Shale we begin?


Now as I stated earlier in the blog, myself and Jack have fished here on and off over the last 5-6 years, so we have seen a huge transition within the fishery from the previous bailiff and owners (I believe it was previously owned by someone else) to its current ownership by Hayes Carp Fisheries, We highly recommend checking their facebook page out, they provide constant updates from Slough House Lake and also their other syndicate lakes, We will put their link at the end of the blog.

The Cleanliness of Slough House in our opinion has always been top notch, we very rarely see any rubbish left around the lake and if it does happen the owner/bailiffs do a fantastic job of clearing it up (Which they shouldn’t have to do, ALWAYS take your own rubbish home!). So defiantly top marks for cleanliness/tidiness there!

Upkeep of the lake over the last few years (This is when we believe new ownership may of taken place) has been phenomenal. A new cafe/food bar has been built in recent months, new water pumps have been installed and general maintenance of the fishery has been brilliant, broken pegs being fixed and footpaths being relayed to make sure they are safe. This fishery is genuinely a really well looked after place and we would recommend on visiting it for these reasons alone.

Cleanliness/Upkeep – 5/5

Now we move on to Facilities:

The Facilities here are very good, as we stated before, a new cafe/food bar has been built and is open during the warmer months of the year and only at weekends I believe (This could vary during the year).

The owner runs a small tackle shop out of a portakabin on site which has a very good standard of tackle, including bait for the Catfish, anything you would need for a session, also a few extras from time to time at very reasonable prices. I believe this is open all year round but again i could be wrong and it would be best to drop them a message before arriving if you need to use the tackle shop.

Lastly there are some toilet facilities on site, unfortunately the last time I visited a few weeks ago these weren’t very nice to use so will lose a mark due to that, however this could of changed since then so take my opinion with a pinch of salt, but they do get a point for actually having toilet facilities available.

Facilities – 4/5

Lastly we look at Quality of Fish:

Now again we have been fishing here for a fair few years so have seen a huge change in how the fish are doing, it used to be very much a runs water with every fish being between 5-13lb and a fish higher then that being considered a good fish, however the big Catfish have always been there and are known to go 100lb+.

However this has changed over the last couple of years and in our opinion for the better, the average size of fish now is very good with them mainly going 15lb+, with a very good head of 20lb+ and the lake record carp being out over 30lb+ recently, this in hand with Catfish regularly going 40lb+ makes for a very good days fishing, in addition some of the mirror carp in this lake are beautiful, I have placed some pictures throughout the blog which shows this aswell.

Quality of Fish – 5/5

A 74lb Catfish caught by my cousin Stuart & a 20lb Common Carp for myself.

Now once again, we must stress that this is just the opinions of myself and Jack.

I must add though if you are looking to get yourself a good swim you may want to hire a very fast 100m sprinter for the morning, the race to the pegs of a morning can be quite daunting so get yourself prepared!

So for an overall score of 14/15 based on the 3 topics we have spoken about we would recommend for people to give Slough House Lake a good try and have a crack at the lovely fish.

Here are a few more of our favourite fish from the venue, so i hope you enjoyed our honest review!

As Always,

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