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Slip-D Rig

Welcome back to another JT Carpers blog. As always we try to post interesting content, however we STILL haven’t managed to hit the bank recently. BUT we are due out this Sunday for a day session so fingers crossed we will have something to update you all with next week.

Until then I have decided to do a step by step guide to my favourite and most effective rig at the moment, the Slip-D rig. You may see it tied other ways or other variations on the Internet, mine is no way more superior or anything, its just the way that I tie it

Step One: Firstly, these are the materials you will need to make the rig the way I do: Baiting Needle, Scissors, Bait Screw, Rig Material (I prefer coated for extra stiffness), Stripping tool if using coated material(Not pictured), Hooks (I use sharpened hooks from J Precision hooks and I can honestly say these are amazing) and finally an anti tangle sleeve.

Step Two: Cut a length of the material dependant on the rig length you use.(I usually cut between 8-10 inches just so I have material to work with) then strip around 2-3 inches of material to reveal the subtle braid underneath.

Step Three: With the subtle braid you just exposed, bend it over on itself to form a loop then pass the loop through the front of the eye of your hook.

Step Four: Thread the Bait screw onto the loop and the pass the loop over your hook point. Pull gently to form the ‘D’ as shown below, then make between 5-7 wraps up the shank ensuring your keeping the loose tag-end away from your wraps. Finally, cut the loose tag end off.

Step Five: Finally tie a figure of 8 loop knot at the other end and cut the tag end off. That is your rig complete!

With that, your ready to go! I personally use a wafter with this rig. My favourite wafter at the moment is the Spotted Fin Smokey Jack Glugged Wafter, these things smell and looks perfect.

With that all done, I hope you liked this blog and found it either interesting or learnt something from it. Either way, thank you for getting to the end 😁. To finish the blog off, here are a few of the fish caught on this rig lately. Nothing massive, but some lovely fish none the less.

Thank you for your support and we wish you all the best.

As always,

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