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Sea Fishing off a Charter

So, this week I went out with a few old friends sea fishing from a charter boat. We probably do this 4 times a year and then I go off the beach or piers. We all arrive at around 7am to sort out money to pay the skipper, have a fry up and get the rods ready.

At 8am the skipper is waiting and we board. This time was a bit different due to covid19, but the skipper had everything ready and it was good to see. We then set off, as we go out Jeff sees a few porpoises and that is the bit I like. But not for long as we are there to fish after all. We probably go out around two miles and the skipper are on the fish finder. As we come to a stop, all we need to do is bait up and cast out.

This time I took a friend (Craig) who has never been sea fishing before, so we put some lug worm and a bit of squid on for him and he casts out. While he waits for a bite, I do the same and the whole boat is fishing. Obviously, the banter is flying around the boat. Haven’t seen these guys since January, so we were making up for lost time lol.

30 minutes has gone by and nothing, well nothing for me and Craig. Most of the boat was catching, all using the same bait etc. Then Craig strikes in, thank god for that. I really didn’t want him to blank on his first trip lol. His face was like my son’s when he catches and to be honest, we are probably all like that every time we catch lol.

Craig pulled in a nice Thorny Back, it was a lovely colour and he was a happy man. I on the other hand still hadn’t caught and it was around lunch time, so not good. On the other side of me, Lawrence was having the time of his life, two lovely Bass both within the size, Smoothies, Dogs and Thorny Back. We had the same set ups and bait on. But even though I was getting all the banter, I was loving it.

Poor David had a lovely Bass coming in and as he went to get it on board, the beast came off. Poor David, he will never live this down now lol. But everybody was catching, apart from me. Yes, poor me and then I saw the twang (no not anyone’s twang) the twang on the end of the rod. I was in and I wasn’t wasting time.

It wasn’t big, but it was something, a lovely Smooth Hound saved me blanking, so I gave it a massive kiss and let the little guy go. At 3pm we started to head back in, packing our gear away and getting ready to go home. It was a lovely day, sun shining and it was a mill pond out on the water. In total we had around 40 fish. Peter and Lawrence had the most, about 10 each.

Once we all said good bye to each other, my wife picked me up with the kids. We went and had a cheeky ice cream in the harbour before heading home.

We have some amazing coastline around Essex and a variety of different fish species. Get out there and have ago. Check out Ben my fellow Blogger on here.

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