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Rudd-y Hell!

An early start brought me to a rural Essex Lake in hunt for Rudd! This lake is known to have some big Rudd in, some of which are 4lb! However, this was a perfect chance for me to set a possible PB (anything over half a pound would’ve done that! I don’t target Rudd a lot!), with the risk of a thunderstorm looming, I knew I didn’t have too much time in not the ideal conditions for Rudd, however, thought I’d give it a go! After some of the locals trying to intimidate me I started Fishing!

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Local Geese trying to Intimidate me for free Bread!

My tactics today was a simple waggler setup Fishing about 3-5ft deep changing depending on the swim, spread shots to slowly let the bait sink to the bottom and either bread flake or corn on the hook! Simple and hopefully effective! I worked my way around this small lake targetting the lily beds, in very overcast and drizzly weather, I wasn’t too hopefully of big Rudd showing and feeding aggressively, so was hoping to nab one where they live!

I started on Bread flake to no luck on the first lily bed, and after about 30 minutes, I headed to the next peg and lily bed and opted for corn this time (I never went back to bread, however have loads of liquidised bread now!), after setting the float in position on the edge of the pads I quickly got a bite, and quickly missed the bite! Frustrated I quickly went back out in hope the Fish was still there, and it was, managed to get a lovely condition Rudd, probably 8-10oz (You may disagree, I didn’t bother weighing since it wasn’t clearly big! And I’m not very good at judging!) I quickly added to this one Rudd and managed to get two more in about 5 minutes! All similar size and lovely condition! Great Fish to catch!

It soon went quiet, I decided to move on again, and went a bit round the lake to a lovely looking bed of lilys! Straight away on first cast I managed another small Rudd! Followed by one a bit smaller who I deemed non photo worthy!

IMG 20200815 102741

A lot of time then passed with no more action, I decided to move down to an aerator, where I had seen a lot of Fish top and was hopefully maybe some bigger Rudd where here! Missing a lot of bites eventually became frustrating before I connect to a rather angry Fish! A nice little scrap, and was happy to see the lovely golden scales surface of another Rudd! I weighed this Fish as it was a lot bigger than others, weighing in at just over a pound, this is my new PB Rudd! A lovely Fish, and a good bar to set to hopefully in better conditions get some better ones!

Screenshot 20200815 114933

I had another quick Rudd after this, but back to the small size, and then the weather turned and rain got a lot harder! It was a good morning session! And decided was a good time to go home and not get too wet! Hopefully on my next visit I will find some bigger ones!

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