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River Trotting

I headed to a small stretch of a River for a small trotting session with a mix baits just to get a few fish and catch some different species! And it didn’t disappoint! It was only a quick hour session with my waggler rod a light float fishing quite shallow to see what I could get.

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I was Fishing some lovely small stretches of River, in the image above there is many places for Fish to hide, refugee under the tree and an overhanging bush to the left where the River starts to bend round.

It didn’t take long here with a bit maggot to get some Fish competing catching a few small Dace and Roach, even swapping to bread kept the Fish coming.

I also tried using some chopped down boilles to see if I could tempt anything bigger rather than a the steady catches of Dace and Roach, and I managed to get a bite on a small chopped down boille, and it was a better Fish, after a small fight I saw the glimpse of gold and blood red fins. It was easy to tell it was a Rudd, a Fish that you know I have been hunting a big one in previous blogs. However a good one from a small River in Essex I never really thought I’d catch.

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Okay, I know it’s not breaking any records, it’s maybe 8-10oz I would guess. But it’s a lovely Fish and something I really didn’t expect from a small River, especially in such a short session. A lovely catch, and I hope there is more Rudd in this River!

Anyway, that’s the end of this very short session, tight lines all!

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