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River Roving

Well, writing this now since entering lockdown and sadly this stretch of River is out of my district so I have to halt my exploration and learning of this not so new stretch of river to me. I have just re-joined BDAC, having not been a member since I was a kid, and have fond memories of one River in particular, the Wid. It’s where I caught my current PB Chub of 2,5lbs, and it’s a lovely stretch of River with a good amount of Chub when you get it right. In my recent blogs I have fished a different stretch of the Wid, upstream of this stretch and shallower and less prolific. This new stretch, having changed a lot in the landscape, new trees and old trees gone, offers a new challenge in finding the Fish. But has many likely looking spots, including a lovely weir. Today’s session (Before Lockdown), was more exploring, and finding likely areas, and hopefully nabbing one or two fish, but I wanted to try and document swims and take notes on what I could see in hope it helped me learn the River and its secrets quicker.

The method today was simple, fishing light with blitzed bread and just a few slices for hookbait, using a small cage feeder. Although looking back, I wonder if maybe feeding put off the better Fish, however you live and learn! I didn’t spend a huge amount of time fishing, spent a lot more walking the some of the stretch, looking, watching and taking some photos on the very likely looking swims!

The weir looked great, although provided no fish today, I knew the far back in the slack it deepened off, surely a likely holding place of some Chub. This stretch offered some quick runs, maybe good for Dace, and some other fantastic trotting runs which must be good for some Chublets. The aim for my next session was to do some trotting with maggot in some of these swims, however that is sadly cancelled now due to travelling limits. Something to look forward to!

I remember losing a good Fish under the bridge as a kid, as it tore off downstream, so remember it as a place to hold good Chub, however a few soft taps but no developing bite, possible pecking at the feed and not fancying the flake? Maybe just small Roach and minnows and the Chub not up to it today?

Upstream of the bridge offered a few interesting swims too, one of which had a big overhanging tree, holding a good number of Chublets, but something to try next time as I didn’t dip into the swim this time.

I did manage one Fish from this session, from what I thought was the best looking swim, a lovely overhang and a good run, sure to hold some Chub.

IMG 20210102 092217

I did miss a bite here, so was sure to drop in on my way back down in hope of another, and I wasn’t disappointed, as soon as I set the Rod on the rest, the tip went round, but surprisingly not to what I expected of a Chub, but to a small Roach. On what seemed a tough day, I was happy to take this from a cold morning on the River, and had learnt maybe a few better spots to try.

IMG 20210102 103529

Hopefully future visits will give me more rewards as I continue to learn this new yet old stretch of River to me, and hopefully some nice Chub will come soon too. Overall not a bad way to spend the first Saturday in January. And now with the new lockdown, I look for venues closer to try, in hope of a few Fish!

Tight lines all!

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