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River Fishing for Tinkers

I have been trying for years to catch a Tench on the River Chelmer and today it finally happened.  Fishing with my friend and families which was needed. We got to the swim around 1pm, threw some ground bait out with some maggots. We set the kids up in their own swims and we were going backwards, forwards, up and down making sure they were fishing all in the right spots etc.

Put three maggots on a size 14 hook, had a few roach which I was expecting and then boom! My son’s pole bent like have never seen it, I really thought it was going to snap (I knew it wouldn’t). My son Harry was jumping up and down at this point. Had no idea what was on, then as it came to the surface, I saw that lovely paddle of a tail and the green, what a sight. Still can’t believe it now.

I put it in the net and that was that. Amazing, my sons first Tench and on the river I have been trying for years to get one. It was a nice size 5lb 2oz, which isn’t massive I know, but still all that work had paid off.

Now this wasn’t with my Wychwood Barbel rods with a 1.75lb test curve or anything fancy. Just a pole with three mags on. Still love my rods though lol. Just goes to show, you never know. So, after photos etc. we put the amazing beast back in the water and watched it swim off. After a few hours the kids were getting bored, so it was the dads turn.

Me and Matt with poles in hand sat in the swims, we are not competitive much lol. Then it happened again, on the same pole (different maggots, not that tight) another green beauty came out. I can not believe my luck first my son and now I have finally caught a Tench on the River Chelmer. Obviously, mine was smaller at 3lb 4oz, but still wouldn’t change it for the world.

I would totally recommend river fishing. Just remember get permission from the land owner (big must) and just enjoy everything it has to offer.

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