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In todays blog, I have some River exploration and some River Fishing, and yes, I am including two things because the Fishing was a bit slow!

We go back to Wednesday morning, I had a quick sneaky look at the River Wid, this stretch of River I have caught some small Chub and Dace from before, however the bigger of these seem to have vanished as the weather has got colder. So I furthered my search on this stretch for some likely looking swims which may hold some bigger Fish.

I came across some lovely looking options, however with still some summer growth I think it may be a few more frosts and some colder weather to die back the foliage before I can try these swims. However they could be the deeper holes I am looking for.

I did eventually come across one very good looking swim, which is perfectly on a bend too, and looks like it will hold a bit of depth to it too!

And with that, we head into Saturday, and I head back to the Chelmer, and head to a lovely mill pool with the hope of a few bites. With the simple approach as always, just ledgering some worm, a mix of dendras and lobs.

First notice, the River was a lot lower and clearer than in my previous times Fishing, along with the bright sun I wasn’t too hopeful on the Perch and Chub showing, however maybe a good Roach or Dace could show. Having my partner tag along with me, I had a shorter session than normal and also had to make sure she was comfortable, although being cold was her main issue.

I was instantly getting a lot of notifications, and very slow drags, this looked a mix of small Fish maybe picking up and running with the worm, maybe minnows or small roach and perch, and also I noticed a lot of leaves and weed flowing through the River, which did make Fishing it slightly difficult on the Ledger, eventually I did find a few places to have minimal disturbance from the stuff flowing through, and did start getting a few bites, however I think a lot of the time, it was just small Fish. Eventually, I did manage to connect to a Fish, a lovely little Dace!

Sadly, more missed bites, led that to be the only Fish caught for the day. Still a lovely little Fish, and Dace are truly becoming one of my favourite Fish to catch, looking at it, today maybe suited trotting with some maggot a lot better then ledgering chunks of worm, however still a good day out watching the world go by, including a very busy kingfisher!

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